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Homepage of internet legend Blex which includes the historical remnants of Blex's Page of Good Mp3. The glorious web page that had over 2 million visitors from 1997-1998.
By: Michael Kramer (internet alias Blex).

Updates !!!

7/9/2014 - From about 1989-1991, my sister and I played the greatest Nintendo game ever created: BASEBALL SIMULATOR 1000 !!! Prior to that, when we were very young kids growing up in the 1980s, because no video games or anything existed we had a bunch of Pound Puppy stuffed animals. We gave them all names and personalities and when we found out you could edit the 4 character names in 'sim the game and players developed a life of their own existing solely in the minds of my sister and I. That's how I actually got the name Blex. We accidentally changed the name Alex to Blex and the rest is history! While playing the game, my sister and never laughed more in our lives at the make-believe characters who all had certain catch-phrases and super-powerful talents on the baseball field. For example, you could edit players so they hit the ball 5000 feet into outer space. Or, run the bases in about 2 seconds! My sister and I had such large and creative imaginations when we were young and as the years passed I became an adult I always thought that what we created would make a good animated comedy TV series! SO, after all these year, and with an insurmountable amount of time on my hands recently, I decided to finally harness the creative talent and create a website where I describe everything and have a site where I PITCH THE IDEA TO TV EXECUTIVES !!! I think MLB Network could use a show like this. Or, of course, Comedy Central. Yes, the odds of a network actually picking up my concept are probably one in a googolplex. But, hey, that's better than nothing! AND WITH THAT, INTRODUCING AND PITCHING THE SOON TO BE GREATEST TV SHOW EVER: DOGBALL !!!!! CHECK IT OUT HERE !!!

6/8/2014 - My cat "Bubbles" was shown on NATIONAL TV during the Brewers game yesterday !!! Ahh !!! About a month prior I sent in a picture of her and while watching the game they used the picture as the AT&T FAN PHOTO OF THE GAME !!! Read the story and see the picture on the Blex's Tweets Shown LIVE on National TV page !!!

6/6/2014 - On this the 70th anniversary of the D-Day landings, I self-published two more of my recently completed historical research essays. Check them out to enhance your historical knowledge !!!

5/31/2014 - If English is your only language, you like your hard drives to last a long time before dying, and do not like tens of thousands of useless files and folders sitting on your hard drive, I have created a one of it's kind guide for the masses to use !!! Introducing: Blex's Simple Seven-Step Guide to Deleting the Useless Foreign Language Files in the Windows 7 C:\Windows Directory and Sub-Directories !!! Extend the life and reliability of your hard drive, remove the insurmountable amount of tiny useless garbage files that Microsoft installs on your computer, and dramatically lessen the time it takes for your virus scanner and defrag to complete !!! CHECK IT OUT !!!

5/25/2014 - My Twitter handle was shown again on MLB Network's Intentional Talk. CHECK IT OUT !!!

- CHECK IT OUT: My presence on social media sites has grown so big you can now LIKE the Facebook Blex's Page of Good Mp3 remembrance page via a direct link !!! Also, I've have a personal YouTube channel that I've uploaded some lame videos to slowly but surely over the past few years. Some video highlights are a couple of versions of me performing my goto-drunk-karaoke-song Guns N' Roses - Paradise City while drunk off my ace !!! Visit the pages if you're bored out of your mind !!! I've also been doing a lot of live tweeting of Milwaukee Brewers games because, as most of you should know, I'm a die-hard fan! Remember to add me on the twitters !!! Finally, as you can see below, I moved all of the 2013 site-update news to it's own page. We now have LESS CLUTTER on the main page!

4/18/2014 - IDIOT ME !!! My IP addressed changed two days ago and I DIDN'T EVEN NOTICE! Unfortunately, over 50 million people weren't able to access this site (give or take 49.999 million). It's fixed now! I've been slacking on updates lately but some updates are on the way soon !!!

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