Blex's System Specs.

Here we have my current (or at least as current as when I got motivated enough to create this page) home computer system specifics. This site created out of absolute pure 100% boredom. The uses of the site for it to be a central location that I can visit to keep my owned hardware inventory straight, check for driver updates, and showcase to all of you intensely caring net surfers the exact details of the illustrious Blex computer setup.



RIP: Born 1/22/2001 - Died 2/3/2015

Came home from work, WiFi was off on it, typed hot key for monitor off on accident, and it never came back on. It was a piece of shit anyways because it always had like 1-2 second mouse pauses whenever Multimedia Class Scheduler turned on and off. I won't be buying Acer crapola ever again.

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