Blex's Old 2013 Site Updates

This page exists just in case you wanted to read the site updates from 2013. Just created this page to reduce the clutter on the main page. Other than that, this page serves no purpose other than to historically archive what HTML code I had on the main page.

- The Historical Papers page has been updated with an original work added. I also changed the background and font colors to default on all pages so they will be easier for people to print out. I also renamed the page from "Blex's ..." to my real name to make the papers rightfully more authentic, credible, and professional in nature. Read 'um and weep everybody !!! OH YEAH, I also had a tweet shown live on Intentional Talk on MLB Network again so I also updated that page a few days ago !!! That brings the current count of tweets shown on national TV to EIGHT !!!

11/24/2013 - DOES YOUR CAT SLEEP ON YOUR LAPTOP KEYBOARD? Mine does a lot when the cold winter air arrives and she hits a lot of buttons and always finds the ENTER key. So after I woke up today my cat Bubbles ate her breakfast and (like clockwork) jumped up on the laptop for a quick nap. It was then that I had a revelation, a vision, a vision of THIS ... AN EMERGENCY CAT LOCK PROGRAM !!! Just a simple EXE program that you just save to your desktop, double-click when your cat jumps on your laptop, and then watch as ... POOF ... YOUR SCREEN is locked !!! I have no doubt in my mind this program will be downloaded hundreds of millions of time and make me a ton of money. Maybe not, but I'm using it now and you can too. It's a windows program only.

11/16/2013 - In case you haven't noticed, and judging from my access.log you haven't, I've been updating my 2013 GREEN BAY PACKERS REVIEW EVERY WEEK. READ IT AND WEEP.

9/13/2013 - BACK BY POPULAR DEMAND (one person who wanted me to keep writing two years ago) IS BLEX'S GREEN BAY PACKER REVIEW !!! I did one in 2010 and they won the Super Bowl. I didn't do one in 2011 and 2012 and they didn't. The conclusion is obvious. If I write one this year they are guaranteed to win the Super Bowl this NFL season. CHECK IT OUT NOW !!!

7/22/2013 - OH GOD I'M SICK TO MY STOMACH AND FEELING BETRAYED BEYOND BELIEF !!! RYAN BRAUN ADMITS HIS GUILT !!! SO MUCH FOR THE RYAN BRAUN INNOCENCE PROJECT PAGE !!! I wanted a smoking gun and/or a confession and today we all got it. Well, it was fun playing defense attorney but if your defendant ends up being a lying sack and admits it after the jury declares him not guilty, then I guess there isn't much left to say. Do I still stand by my arguments prior to his suspension? Yes. Do I now? No because witness testimony and evidence has proven otherwise. So there ya have it !!!

7/11/2013 - Another tweet of mine got on national TV on the bottom scroll of MLB Network's Intentional Talk !!! Check it out !! My total count of tweets shown on national TV now stands at 7 !!! Not only that, my trademark writing style (if you haven't noticed) of putting a space then three exclamation marks ( !!! ) after a sentence was also shown to the masses !!!

6/10/2013 -
Blex's Deodorant / Antiperspirant Tee Shirt Stain Resuscitation Experiment IS FINISHED !!! WINNER = DEO-GO remover actually DOES resurrect tee shirts and removes deodorant / antiperspirant stains!

- I decided to do another experiment and post the results on my page! I own a lot of tee shirts (don't we all) and I also prefer using a gel-based deodorant/antiperspirant. Yet, after years, and now what seems like only months, the armpits of the shirts all get stained white and this gunk builds up that is nearly impossible to remove! After searching the internet for known removal methods, EVERYONE has failed me! !!I decided I cannot take anymore of this TEE SHIRT GENOCIDE !!! So I bought a bottle of DEO-GO STAIN REMOVER on Amazon and and prior to receiving it, I made a list of everything I've tried using before to remove the stains. As a result, Blex's Deodorant / Antiperspirant Tee Shirt Stain Resuscitation Experiment page was born !!!

5/14/2013 - My tweet got on MLB Network's Intentional Talk again !!! Check it out here !!! Total tally of tweets shown on national TV now = 7 !!!!! In real life news, I have completed my studies and graduating in a bit with a Masters Degree in History from UW-Milwaukee !!! Next step: PHD !!! Doesn't it sound cool? Dr. Blex on the internet and Dr. Kramer in real life !! Like Goldie Wilson said in Back to the Future (yeah, he said mayor...but close enough), "Dr. Michael Kramer .. LIKE THE SOUND OF THAT !!!"

4/28/2013 - Check out the remnants of Blex's Page of Good Mp3 again !! I found the exact copy of the email I received on February 7th, 1998 from Geffen Records representative Jim Griffin! A primary source of which the historical significance of cannot be underestimated as after receiving the email and being forced to take down the links to the Mp3 sites, I forever became a (sure, self-proclaimed) martyr to the mp3 movement !!!

3/30/2013 - I decided to create a page with cell-phone photographs that show how many times I've had my TWEETS SHOWN LIVE ON NATIONAL TELEVISION !!! F33R !!!!

3/2/2013 - I added more of my historical papers for reading. Check them out!


1/25/2013 - To the disappointment of the billions of people who visit this page on a daily basis, I've been slacking in posting new material. BUT, fear not, I have submitted a video to hopefully air on the MLB Network TV show Intentional Talk. IT'S ME, paying homage to umpire Jim Joyce and replacing his Striiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiieeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee strike call with the Kevin Millar catch phrase Got Heeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeem !! CHECK IT OUT !!! In other site update news, I've updated and cleaned up this page and moved the 2011 news to it's own page. Again, as you can see, I have no use for images on my pages except when they are necessary to support what is stated in the text. I believe that images have no use on "information based" internet pages. Really, if you are relaying information and no picture is needed then just TYPE it out (and as I like to do) use nice cool neon and white colors !!! They never used the video on IT, oh well! I got even more motivated today and updated the Blex's Ryan Braun Innocence Project Page !! I changed the title of the page as well by just making it "Innocence Project !!!"

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