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The site that (no longer) PROVES WITHOUT A DOUBT why Ryan Braun is Completely Innocent (not not-guilty) of having EVER taken steroids.

!!! Update: 7/23/2013 - A MUST READ !!1

Now that the dust has began to settle I can write more clearly and professionally and give the Ryan Braun situation more of a detailed analysis. I guess we shouldn't be surprised about the suspension. We live in a world of which lies, fear, controversy, misinformation and (most importantly) scapegoats and historical inaccuracy creates two histories existing side-by-side one another where one half of the population believes one thing and one set of facts and the other half believes in another set of facts regardless of whether or not the evidence produces an accurate argument. When someone is caught lying, people are finally given a convenient scapegoat to point which eases their confusion not only in sports but in life.

The reason the Ryan Braun saga has and continues fascinates me is because I see myself in Ryan Braun. 16 years and 3 days ago, I was 17 years old playing baseball for the Menominee (MI) Red Wave high school baseball team. I had just graduated high school and, until this point in my life, I loved playing baseball more than anything. The problem was my body didn't keep up with my dreams of playing baseball after high school. While other teammates and peers had hit puberty at the normal time early in high school, unfortunately I didn't. I tried for two years prior to gain weight as I ate a ton, took two weight-lifting classes in high school, and ran 2-3 miles every other day, and tried endlessly to put on some muscle. But, all that happened was my veins got bigger! I was raised to be moral and self-righteous and it never once crossed my mind to take steroids. I did all I could to naturally gain weight but it was all futile. I've amassed some baseballs in my life from games I played in and games I've attended. But no baseball means more to me than the one I got on July 19th, 1997. It was then that I hit my first home run !!! Yeah, granted, it was during batting practice but hell it went over the fence in left field !!! When I look at the baseball today it brings back sentimental thoughts and at the time it was a moral victory to me that all my work paid off. I didn't cheat, didn't take PEDs, didn't take any drugs, and on that date (the last high school practice of my life) it paid off.

Fast-forward to 2007, when Braun made his debut, the PED-era in baseball was coming to an end and seeing Braun, Fielder, Hart, Weeks, and others bring forth a winning team it was mesmerizing watching such "natural" greats play the game. So when I started the Innocence Page I believed him, as did many others, because it didn't show. In him, I saw myself, a guy who despite temptation had on his own developed himself into one of the most natural hitters I have ever seen. In fact, his swing is an art form, and watching it the only one who rivals the beauty of his swing I think is Ken Griffey Jr. So, after seeing the truthful speech Braun made after he won his appeal, I weighed the evidence and vehemently stood by what I said on this page. Yes, I had a lot of time on my hands in between semesters working on my MA in history and, owning my own domain, figured why not just toss everything I think down on one page! It was bothersome to me and may others that, despite all the evidence I had gathered, that some people were still going to hate. It exemplified what I wrote in the opening paragraph which is regardless of facts people will believe what their feel. It was truthiness, as so perfectly defined by Stephen Colbert!

So when on July 22nd, 2013, I'm sitting there watching Intentional Talk and eating a salad and then all the sudden Chris Rose says there is breaking news on Ryan Braun and he would be suspended for the rest of the year! They posted his beyond vague confession where he admitted making mistakes and I couldn't believe the betrayal, sadness, frustration, and even hatred I immediately felt towards Braun. What irritated me the most was that insistence that "the truth is on my side" was not true. Prior to him being suspended I was open to the possibility that he was guilty but was probably 95% positive he was innocent or at least not-guilty. But now, it's exactly the other way around. Considering my own history and love for the game, I feel betrayed, mostly because I no longer see myself in Ryan Braun. I see another guy like Sosa, Bonds, and all the others who cheated themselves and the game. The thing is, I have pride and honor, the one HR ball sitting on my fireplace is a testament to what I worked for. Yeah, I may have sucked, but in 1997 at that point in my life, when I ran out to retrieve my HR ball when I picked it up I knew I would keep it the rest of my life because it represented the hard work and dedication I had put into becoming a player at the time.

Well, enough blabbing, if you have taken the time to read this so far (and considering what I wrote in the last paragraph you haven't) I thank you.

There are still some questions that I am waiting to have answered.

What was the illegal substance?
What was the "overwhelming" evidence against Braun?
Is there any truth to the lifetime ban rumor?
Why was Braun's statement so vague?
Why didn't he meet with the media?

Plus, there are still things that are just irritating that I also wouldn't mind discussing of getting answered.

Why was Braun always singled out?
Why didn't other players (like A-Rod) get suspended first?
Why did Bosch say previously validate Braun's statement that he only used him as a consultant?
Will we ever see the full story?
Can we please stop the Aaron Rodgers and Braun relationship stuff? It's not like they are a same-sex couple! But, yeah, I'll admit I wanna hear what he says too!
Diamondbacks fans, you did not lose to Ryan Braun in the 2011 playoffs, you lost to the BREWERS. All things considered, I'm sure at least one guy on the D-Backs was on PED then too so enough whining.
Finally, seeing he's now guilty, just how many OTHER PLAYERS have taken PEDs and got away with it. A sad day indeed not just for Braun and Brew Crew fans, but baseball as a whole. :((

I typed this whole shebang up in one sitting so I'll fix the grammar and clean it up eventually But, I simply do not know how I will react next year when spring training hits and Braun takes the field. In fact, I can already see Braun turning into the new Brett Favre where he's a love/hate type of guy.

Right now, it's just sad, I am sad, we are all sad, for the man, the game, and the mythology and sacred history of the game being tarnished. But, remember, he's one man, it's a team game, sometimes you win, sometimes you lose, sometimes ... it rains ... think about that for a minute (yes, a Bull Durham reference). I am a fan of the team and not the player. If you stop following the Brewers or scapegoat the entire Brewers organization you are more of a players fan instead of a team fan. Which, I don't look down upon, because some people are probably just interested more in players instead of team, so be it.

I don't know how I'll react come 2014. If Braun stepped to the plate today I don't think I would boo or cheer, I would just shake my head and cheer on the Brewers (regardless of their record) to victory.

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    FUCK YOU RYAN BRAUN !!! Yes, I wrote this out of rage !!!

Before I start, let me inform you that I believe if you have something to say on the internet then just say it. Yes, I also like neon colors on a black background! PLUS, I WRITE 100% GRAMMATICALLY CORRECT SPELL CHECKED PROFESSIONAL PAPERS FOR SCHOOL AND ON THIS PAGE I DO NOT CARE ABOUT GRAMMAR ERRORS BECAUSE I JUST SPEW EVERYTHING OUT WHILE PLAYING DEFENSE ATTORNEY. Also, 'Roids, Steroids = PED  .. however you want to define it. Thanks to BrewerNation on twitter for reading this page and pointing this out to me and motivating me to make this "disclaimer." Plus, I toss everything on one page to read. WHY split it up into separate pages (even though maybe someday I will) if everything you want the reader to read is on one page? Words denote a point to be shown to audience. I, obviously, prefer to use bold and cool neon colors instead of pretty graphics and neat-o-styled back/forward icons.

Yes, I believe my points are extremely valid and prove Braun INNOCENT. OR, at least make it clear there is beyond a reasonable doubt that he is guilty. However, I generally do not take things seriously and I made this page primarily to ENTERTAIN (mostly myself cause I got a lot of time on my hands). I hope you enjoy reading and get a few laughs at the same time !!!

Contact me on twitter or email to share your thoughts, provide more evidence that proves his innocence, ask me for an interview, or offer me a book deal (more professionally written of course) to expand on everything I mention on this page. Does this page look familiar the legendary Mp3 page run from 1997-1998 Blex's Page of Good Mp3 ?? Indeed, I'm the same guy that ran that page !! If you remember that page, let me know !!!
!! NEW 6/5/2013 UPDATE !!

ESPN has scapegoated Braun ONCE AGAIN on 6/4/2013 !! Real News = "Bosch Cooperating" .. ESPN somehow takes that news to REHASH AND SPECULATE using Braun as a convenient scapegoat to provide casual fans of the game somebody easy to point at and say "he's the bad guy." ONCE AGAIN - ESPN = BAD REPORTING, BAD JOURNALISM, BAD FOR BASEBALL, BAD FOR SPORTS, BAD FOR EVERYBODY. ESPN has now gained Foxnews status in my book !! I haven't switched channels to Foxnews in over TEN YEARS and now ESPN has that honor !! Besides, MLB network is 10000x better anyways !! H4T3RZ STILL GONNA HATE !!!

I WILL GLADLY VOLUNTEER to go on ANY RADIO OR TV SHOW to argue my case. LET ME KNOW AND I'LL DO IT (yes, I love the attention, and stand by everything I say on this page) !!!

SOON TO COME: A PAGE OF COMMENTS I've received about the page ... Entertaining !!


I am a die-hard Brewer fan! Lucky for me, I've had the pleasure to watch Ryan Braun play everyday since he made his major-league debut on May 25th, 2007, in San Diego. I'll never forget how glorious, mystical, and artful his swing was when he cracked a double off the wall in left-center field. Not only that, the next day he smashed a solo HR to left! I knew right away he was going to be a superstar. Sure enough, he became just that and on November 22nd, 2011, he was named the national league most valuable player after leading the Brew Crew to the NLCS.

Fast forward to December 10th, 2011. There I am laying there on the couch waking up from my daily nap. I flip on the TV (which was previously set to ESPN) and to my surprise I see a gigantic mug shot of Ryan Braun. I think to myself "strange, it's the off season, I wonder what this is about." Then, to my surprise, I see on the bottom of the screen "Ryan Braun tested positive for steroids." I was flabbergasted! How could one of the greatest ambassadors for the game have taken steroids! It had to be wrong! He could never have done such a thing! That night, I was beyond astonished at the news. It couldn't be! I posted on facebook "Say it ain't so Braunie!! Say it ain't so!!!" I was SICK to my stomach and I wasn't alone! My friends even texted me saying they couldn't believe it and we were all ready to vomit we were so sick to our stomaches !!!

Something had to be wrong! I mean, come on, he is skinny as I am (without the muscles). I was relieved to see that a press statement was issued and Braun claimed the results to be complete fiction. So then, time passes as he appeals the results and then on February 23rd, 2012, news comes down that he WON the appeal! He didn't do steroids! Unfortunately, I knew that even though he won the appeal he would still have the stigma attached to him and many people would still not believe he was innocent. Hell, during baseball's steroid era I too never believed it when any of the stick-figure baseball players transformed into gargantuan beasts claimed they didn't use the juice! Everybody knew that the incredible-hulk bodied players were juiced. Come on, Mark McGuire practically developed fish gills on his neck! As the years passed, Jose Canseco's book, the Mitchell Report, and the obviously lying tone the players had when they testified to congress provided more than enough evidence to confirm their guilt. For the players on the Mitchell Report (I won't get into any specifics of the legitimacy) there was more than enough evidence to conclude that the players used 'roids! But, compared to Ryan Braun, the evidence is simply NOT THERE. As such, I will at least prove that there is more (let me stress, MORE) than a reasonable doubt that he was innocent. And without further ado, here's no order of importance (I figured I would just go with numbers for now)


Update: Yes, in February of 2013 Braun was in the news again for possible PED use. What has that proved? NOTHING!! I BELIEVE HIS EXCUSE!! I mean come on ... "consulting fees for attorneys from last year" .. yeah..OLDEST EXCUSE IN THE BOOK. INNOCENT INNOCENT INNOCENT !!! Just more piss poor journalism. Let's see..his name was written twice on a piece of paper for owning money. ZERO EVIDENCE (and yes, I had my suspicions at first as well) and still .. NO SMOKING GUN .. Yet, haters are still gonna believe in fiction and not use facts to support their beliefs and arguments (much like Republicans). It wouldn't surprise me if people who believe he took them regardless of the evidence still believe that Santa Clause exists !!!

PLUS, HOW ABOUT THIS !!! When the story broke, ESPN scrolled it on the bottom of their screen, WITH ZERO ACCURACY AND COMPLETE DISREGARD FOR FACTS that Braun was DEALING PED !!! YES, FALSELY ACCUSING HIM OF DEALING WHEN 1 day later NOBODY reported that because it simply WAS NOT TRUE !!! Mistake? NEVER !! They probably just wanted to make up for their horrible reporting a year before and toss that out there so non-believers get even more angry without regard for fact and evidence.


We all know that steroids increase head, body, and even shoe size while at the same time having side effects of permanent shrinkage, erection problems, and violent outbursts. Even Barry Bonds' mistress reported the side effects and he (like you know) was proven guilty of taking steroids. Did Braun have any physical signs of taking steroids? SEE FOR YOURSELF in this l33t side-by-side graphic I conjured up.

GO FIGURE, Braun looks the same in 2011 and 2008. Compare that to the above photograph of Mark McGuire who looks like so big and went through such a physical metamorphosis that he looked like an actor from the movie Universal Soldier!

Additionally, steroids create what is know commonly as 'Roid Rage. Braun has never shown ANY violent outbursts in his career even though he gets BEANED all the time every year! If he was taking steroids wouldn't he have any outbursts like what happened in the steroid-era? Think back to the 90s when steroid-era was at it's pinnacle. Brawls happened so often that I remember Charlie O'Brien being on the cover of sports illustrated while an article highlighted all the brawls taking place do to the infestation of players taking 'roids and getting 'roid rage from being pitched inside and plunked by the opposing pitcher!

Remember this SI cover? Ever see Braun do this? .... THAT'S A NEGATIVE AND HE GETS BEANED ALL THE TIME !!!


History does not lie. Unless, if it's being invented by Republicans. Yes, I am very anti-republican so if you are one I hope I really made you upset as that was my intention. There is NUMERICAL EVIDENCE that players who admittedly or obviously took steroids revived their careers and/or suddenly became gigantic home-run hitters that it's simple math to show they took steroids. In Ryan Braun's press conference, he too stated  "I’m 27 years old, I’m just entering my prime, I have a contract guaranteed for nine more years. I’ve been tested 25 times over the course of my career, at least three times this season prior to this test, and an additional time when I signed my contract, including an extensive physical, blood test – everything you could imagine." 25 TIMES in his career he was tested and nothing showed up. Prior to the sample that surprisingly tested positive he was already tested 3 TIMES and nothing showed up. But then, OUT OF THE BLUE, he tests positive with his testosterone being at a 20-1 ratio of regular levels! The conclusion is: HE HAD NO INTENT TO DO STEROIDS! Let's check his career statistics compared to Sammy Sosa's according to ...

2007 23 MIL 113 492 451 91 146 26 6 34 97 15 5 29 112 .324 .370 .634 1.004 154
2008 24 MIL 151 663 611 92 174 39 7 37 106 14 4 42 129 .285 .335 .553 .888 130
2009 25 MIL 158 708 635 113 203 39 6 32 114 20 6 57 121 .320 .386 .551 .937 146
2010 26 MIL 157 685 619 101 188 45 1 25 103 14 3 56 105 .304 .365 .501 .866 131
2011 27 MIL 150 629 563 109 187 38 6 33 111 33 6 58 93 .332 .397 .597 .994 166
2012 28 MIL 118 518 454 82 137 23 3 34 85 20 6 51 102 .302 .382 .590 .973 155

So, notice anything that stands out in 2011? NOPE! Braun, as people know who have watched him play everyday, is the MODEL OF CONSISTENCY !!! WOW, he had more HR in 2008 than he did in 2011 !!! I'm writing this in late August of 2012 and (go figure) he's already got MORE HRs this year than last year! If he DID do steroids in 2011, wouldn't his numbers have gone down in 2012 especially seeing he is under the spotlight and probably being tested all the time?

NOW, let us compare Braun's with a CONFIRMED, GUILTY, AND ADMITTED steroid user Sammy Sosa ...

1995 26 CHC 144 629 564 89 151 17 3 36 119 34 7 58 134 .268 .340 .500 .840 122
1996 27 CHC 124 541 498 84 136 21 2 40 100 18 5 34 134 .273 .323 .564 .888 127
1997 28 CHC 162 694 642 90 161 31 4 36 119 22 12 45 174 .251 .300 .480 .779 99
1998 29 CHC 159 722 643 134 198 20 0 66 158 18 9 73 171 .308 .377 .647 1.024 160
1999 30 CHC 162 712 625 114 180 24 2 63 141 7 8 78 171 .288 .367 .635 1.002 151
2000 31 CHC 156 705 604 106 193 38 1 50 138 7 4 91 168 .320 .406 .634 1.040 161
2001 32 CHC 160 711 577 146 189 34 5 64 160 0 2 116 153 .328 .437 .737 1.174 203
2002 33 CHC 150 666 556 122 160 19 2 49 108 2 0 103 144 .288 .399 .594 .993 160
2003 34 CHC 137 589 517 99 144 22 0 40 103 0 1 62 143 .279 .358 .553 .911 133
2004 35 CHC 126 539 478 69 121 21 0 35 80 0 0 56 133 .253 .332 .517 .849 114

Check that out, from 1997 until 1998, he goes from 36 to 66 home runs! Quite the anomaly! POINT IS, there's a SUDDEN INCREASE in his power numbers. Braun, from age 23-28 (when most players are in their prime), has been consistently in the 30s with how many home runs he hits a year. But, as you can see with Sosa, all the sudden AFTER AGE 28 he pops 66, 63, 50, and 64,  homeruns a year at the final age of 32 !! The age most players have retired! The thing is, EVIDENCE IS THERE that makes mathematically gives somebody more than a reasonable doubt that Braun was guilty of taking steroids.


We all know from watching crime shows and the news that DNA never lies. After being tested positive Braun and his attorneys offered to DNA test the urine and the investigators never allowed that to happen. You must a ask yourself, WHY NOT? Before smearing a players reputation (one as popular as the MVP for crying out loud) that you MIGHT want to make sure it was HIS piss was the sample that tested positive! But, NO! Wouldn't it make sense to make sure it's the right guy you are accusing! If you are a detective investigating a crime and there is urine next to a dead body, you would of course SEE WHO'S PISS IT WAS !!! When Braun's urine sample was obtained on October 1st, 2011, the sample collector Dino Laurenzi also took TWO other players urine at the same time. He even stated it himself when he issued a press statement on February 28th, 2012. The press release also states ""On October 1, 2011, I collected samples from Mr. Braun and two other players. The CDT collection team for that day, in addition to me, included three chaperones and a CDT coordinator.  One of the chaperones was my son, Anthony. Chaperones do not have any role in the actual collection process, but rather escort the player to the collection area." SO, we have the sample-taker (Laurenzi) THREE chaperones, a CDR coordinator, and his SON taking the sample. That's SIX people to test THREE players. Thus, the possibility is there that Braun AND Laurenzi BOTH believe they are correct as it's VERY VERY possible that an accidental SWITCH A ROO OCCURRED. Reasonable doubt yet? Isn't it entirely possible that somebody else on the team took steroids? Who were the OTHER two players? WHY (again) WHY with such great media coverage involving the fricken MVP of the NL was there not a DNA test done to make sure? Braun's camp according "requested a DNA test on the sample to prove it was the player’s but were told it wasn’t necessary, and that topic was not presented to the arbitration panel." Not necessary!?!? Are you kidding me?!?! We are talking about one of the greatest players in the game today and NL MVP's entire career reputation being tarnished! How many people convicted of a crime have been cleared by DNA evidence? TONS! The Innocence Project currently has 297 post-conviction DNA exonerations in U.S. History! Like I stated before, DNA NEVER LIES!

Here's my possible theory. ONE player HAD INTENT to take steroids in the post season and that was Rickie Weeks. He badly injured his ankle late in the regular season and he wasn't the same player in the playoffs compared to before the injury when he was an all star. PLUS, he's now HUGE !!! Check out the graphic below which I snagged from the site of another supporter of my theory !!! More on appearance to come ...

My intent is not to tarnish his image or unfairly accuse him of taking steroids. I'm just raising the POSSIBILITY HERE ...


THE PEE-SAMPLE CHAPERON WAS A CUBS FAN !!! Dino Laurenzeti's facebook page clearly shows he was a Cubs fan !!! Not only that, after the incident, his facebook page VANISHED! Seeing the Cubs SUCKED in 2011, you think he could have had a vendetta against their rival Brewers and their superstar player? Brew Crew Central has the best argument about this so I won't bother getting into too much detail as you can READ IT YOURSELF HERE !!!

ALSO, check this out! According to the place where Dino Laurenzi works, he "graduated from the University of North Carolina with a degree in Sports Medicine and Athletic Training. He has worked with clients ranging from professional to fitness athletes. Dino has developed various sports medicine and athletic performance training programs to assist his clients to achieve better performance and improved fitness." WOW, the guy who actually was in charge of collecting his urine is an expert in performance and fitness player enhancement!!! Isn't it natural to ask yourself, why would a guy of such high credentials AND knowledge OF HOW to increase performance DO the urine collecting? Could he have tossed in some testosterone into his urine? Yes! Seeing he had ACCESS and KNOWLEDGE of performance enhancement! Perhaps he dropped too much in the piss collection as the test sample came back with an unfathomable 20-1 ratio compared to normal testosterone levels in the human body!!!

In the below Ryan Braun interview you will also see that the samples are numbered to maintain player privacy to avoid bias. Thus, it's EASY AGAIN to conclude again that perhaps the denoted number was accidentally written on someone other than the actual Braun sample.


Unless if you are a gullible Republican who believes in all of the lies they spread you probably aren't able to recognize it when a person is OBVIOUSLY speaking truth. On February 24th, 2012, you can EASILY see that he's totally telling the truth, speaks from the heart, and is hiding NOTHING. In fact, when this aired live I remember Bob Costas and many other commentators on MLB network stating that his statement definitely supported his full innocence!

As you can see in the video, NO SIGNS OF LYING AT ALL. Think back to the congressional hearings and Rafael Palmeiro stating in such an obviously lying voice "I did not take steroids." Anybody with common sense knows that Palmeiro was lying! If you still don't believe Braun is 100% innocent you must be very gullible in believing the plethora of lies and rumors that still surround the great player.


ESPN nowadays sucks! Really, I liked it more when I was a kid when it was all about showing baseball, football, basketball, and hockey highlights (the 4 major sports).

Now, the channel has a major hard on for three things.

First, they get major wood during baseball season the only team that matters to them is the YANKEES and they salivate like Pavlovian Dogs whenever they play or don't play. The majority of people HATE the Yankees so why would we all care about them more than any other team?

Second, they do NOT exist to INFORM their viewers and discuss the TEAM aspects of sports. They do not want to appeal to the EDUCATED fan. Instead, they want to maximize their audience by appealing to the MOST viewers. The motive of course is to increase ratings as much as possible so their corporate masters give them more money to perpetually advertise the polished turds they offer. It of course sucks for everybody in the entire world to be forced to watch (for example) the same stupid beer commercials over and over again. Really, how many times have we all heard that stupid Miller 64 song in the past year! After being bombarded non-stop with that song I swore an oath NEVER to buy one which isn't hard for me to do cause who wants a stupid low-calorie beer to begin with. To me, beer is beer, and judging by the obesity rate in the country it doesn't look like a lot of people are drinking and eating low-calorie and piss-tasting food.

Third, everybody there is IN LOVE with themselves and they all have massive throbbing erections for, you guessed it ... THEMSELVES !!!! What makes them get hard-ons? INDIVIDUAL "BREAKING NEWS" and "CONTROVERSIAL STORIES" !! For instance, team news? WHO CARES? Instead, when an individual is in the news they try to suck in as many idiots as possible. WHY? It's easier to make viewers (whether or not they are sports fans) relate to ONE PERSON instead of one team. Every time one person is in the news the entire network starts pleasuring themselves as the same time! You want evidence? The "score ticker" at the bottom of the screen. We see the scores scroll by separated by tabs: Football, Baseball, Hockey, and (as if anybody really wants to know) Mexican League Women's High School Volleyball. SO, when one person is in the news they totally character assassinate the guy by putting his NAME as a full fledged SPORT! How many times in the past few years have we seen, Favre, Clemons, Bonds, TEBOW, RGIII, Armstrong, and other players whether they are newsworthy items or not have a tab all to themselves.

Where does that lead us? Regardless of what the news is, if any of it is true or false it doesn't matter. All you have to do is put "sources report" in front of it and immediately whether the story is true or not. If a rumor breaks and utterly invades the privacy rights of a player they don't give a damn as long as people go "Ouuuu, so and so is in the news for whatever reason !! Get on the dial and tell everybody regardless of whether or not it's true."

WHO WAS THE IDIOT THAT LEAKED THE STORY TO ESPN? That has yet to be found. BUT, WHY would somebody leak it ONLY to them? Whoever the person was, ANY journalist knows that when you receive information you MUST question the source and whether or not the information is suitable for a leak. In this case it's not so as two crack-pot idiot "journalists" at ESPN named Mark Fainaru-Wada (WTF kinda last name is that anyway) and T.J. Quinn. A few years prior, these schmucks were subpoenaed to testifying in court who their leaked source was in the Bonds' steroid scandal. They never did and never faced criminal charges of obstructing justice. Yeah, it's just fine to protect their confidential sources no matter whether or not their information is true but when it comes to protecting the integrity of the game we love and protecting the confidentially of players who are heroes to people around the world it's no problem to throw them under the bus and "brand" them as cheaters for life. Those two assholes are NOT journalists or reporters. They are two son-of-a-bitches who want fame regardless of the truth and who they falsely accuse of wrongdoing !!!


Steroids alter the mind and an overdose (of course) cause DRAMATIC MENTAL HEALTH CHANGES. I can testify myself with this. Back in 2000 I received too much of a non-dick shrinking and non-anabolic steroid. I WENT CRAZY AND HAD CRAZY MOOD SWINGS and that was with only 60 MG of Prednisone !! So, my testosterone level was probably something like 2/1 or 3/1. BUT 20/1 .. IT WOULD TURN A PERSON INTO THE INCREDIBLE HULK and practically make a man start uprooting trees and turning over cars like a crazy guy !! I got a tone of acne when I went through that experience. EVER SEEN BRAUN with Acne??? NOPE !! FACE IS ALWAYS BLEMISH FREE !!!

CHECK THIS OUT: According to the Mayo Clinic: "It is possible to overdose on testosterone from replacement therapy, according to the Mayo Clinic. Side effects may include temporary blindness or blurry vision, seizures, the inability to speak, slurred speech or severe weakness in the legs or arms. Seek emergency medical treatment if any of these side effects occur."

ASK YOURSELF - WHY IN THE WORLD, WOULD ANY ATHLETE DURING THE MOST IMPORTANT GAMES of their careers (in Braun's case, the playoffs) GO OFF THE GALVANOMETER (that's just a personal word I find funny and is used to study earthquakes) SCALES TO GAIN AN ADVANTAGE? Why would a HITTER .. WANT .. BLURRED VISION AND WEAKNESS OF THE ARMS AND LEGS !!!!!!!!! ???????? Considering how great Braun did in the playoffs in 2011, evidence (like always) points to complete innocence !!!


Also, feel free to explore the rest of my crazy yet entertaining web pages!


If you still believe he's guilty...well...the hell with ya! "Haters are gonna hate!" no matter the facts! Yes, if a smoking up comes out someday and he's PROVEN GUILTY BEYOND A REASONABLE DOUBT you can laugh as I cry and vomit for days as I (and other true believers) will then stand deceived and dishonored.