Blex's Old 2012 Site Updates

This page exists just in case you wanted to read the site updates from 2012. Just created this page to reduce the clutter on the main page. Other than that, this page serves no purpose other than to historically archive what HTML code I had on the main page.

8/28/2012 - As you may know, I'm a die-hard Milwaukee Brewer and Green Bay Packer fan. I've watched, listened, or attended every Brewer Game since before I was like 6 years old! So I'm sitting there about 6 weeks ago scanning through twitter comments people posting after Ryan Braun played in the all-star game. I couldn't believe the number of people out there who STILL believe that Braun took steroids! Most Brewer fans (those who know him best) who watch Braun play everyday don't just think, but KNOW, he never took steroids! The controversy has unfairly tarnished his reputation as a great ambassador for the game. I usually don't focus my fandom on individual players who play sports because a complex team effort always brings forth glorious victory or heart-breaking defeat. BUT, I decided somebody had to TAKE A STAND against the STIGMA that still surrounds the reigning NL MVP Ryan Braun !!! Out of my apparent ample free time, I decided to play DEFENSE ATTORNEY so I created the Blex's Ryan Braun Innocence Page which lists all the reasons WHY he is innocent and never took steroids! I figured I would name it after the widely know Innocence Project that exonerates those wrongly convicted. CHECK IT OUT !!!

8/4/2012 - I updated my great ATI Video Card Driver Catalyst Control Center Cleanup Utility. It works up to version 12.6 and frees up about a quarter gig of hard drive space that the beyond bloated driver installation tosses on your hard drive. If you have an ATI video card, download and run the program !!!

7/8/2012 - I just realized that I've had over 10 likes on the Facebook site I created for the Mp3 page !!! Become a fan at !!!

7/1/2012 - I have finally got around to digging up the old cryogenically frozen archived versions of the Mp3 page !!! The first, how the page looked on June 30th, 1997. Check it out !!!

5/26/2012 - I decided to self-publish some of my scholarly papers. While researching my topics for my two seminar papers this spring, I found a lot of other graduate student papers (most of them published in journals) on the internet. I figure, why not add my own for viewing in case people care to read or if they wish to site them as a source in their own papers! So, I formatted them up into HTML format and tossed them up !!!

3/12/2012 - Believe it or not, my IP address changed a few days ago. Idiot me, I couldn't remember how to update it correctly on my domain hosting website! At last, I figured it out and now the billions of visitors a day can once again enjoy the educational material on the site. In personal news, I'm almost half way through my second semester of history graduate courses at UW-Milwaukee. If everything keeps going according to schedule, I should have a MA in History after the spring semester of 2013! Ahhh!!!

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