The Remnants of... Blex's Page of Good Mp3
The Legend & Historical Impact of Blex's Page of Good MP3

Blex, in my own words:

In retrospect, my thoughts regarding the legacy of the page.
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The Legendary Page Archived:

External References:

Here are some old news links that show the glorious former fame of the MP3 page. Sorted by what I think is the coolest news article first!

The Archived Gigantic Guest Book:

From 5/16/1997 until 1/6/1999, Blex's Page of Good MP3 had 14,777 people sign the guest book that was on the page! In 1999, the site that hosted the guest book ( was bought out by another company. The legendary guest book was then put to rest. At that time, I was contacted by someone who worked for lpage and informed that my guest book was in the top 5 of all guest books in the entire world! I was e-mailed the entire contents of the guest book in html format. I saved the guest book and burned it to a backup CD. There, it sat for over TEN years! Finally, I have rediscovered the file and have posted in 10 parts for everybody to read and enjoy!

Nearly all of the comments posted showed praise for the MP3 page. However, some people did leave angry comments that (in hindsight) are now very fun to read!

Here is the entire guest book viewable in 10 parts! This is all UNEDITED. Except for linked images which I went in and removed because nearly every comment with a linked image no longer existed (it's been over 14 years).

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