Blex's Old 2011 Site Updates

This page exists just in case you wanted to read the site updates from 2011. Just created this page to reduce the clutter on the main page. Other than that, this page serves no purpose other than to historically archive what HTML code I had on the main page.

12/23/2011 - Yeah, to the disappointment of the single-digit visits a day I get to this site, I've been a slacker by not putting anything of use on this site other than having it be a relic for the former MP3 page's infinite glory. I'm happy to report my first semester of graduate school has been completed! Not only that, for the first time in my life, I got a FOUR point ZERO GPA in my two classes!!!
In other news, as stated in the last update, I experimented with the DUCT TAPE MOLE removal technique on a tiny mole on my stomach. I kept the thing on for a week and removed it expecting the mole to be gone. To my shock, the damn thing was still there in full force and all that it did was make the centimeter long area where the duct tape was red for about 2 days! It didn't work! I'm sure I could try again but I lost interest and said the hell with it.

- Can you believe it? Today marks the ONE YEAR anniversary from when this page was born (at least according to my Apache log they started today). SOON TO COME, I will be completing an experiment (with photos) on MOLE removal with DUCT TAPE! I got these lifelong moles on my back and one on my leg and apparently you can smack a piece of duct tape on them for a week and they vanish! I will put this to the test soon!

- Yeah, I've been slacking updating for the past few months. This fall, I started taking Graduate classes for an eventual masters degree in History at UW-Milwaukee. So yeah, I've been doing tons of reading and not updating the legendary pages. Despite the demand of a grand total of TWO people, I've decided against a Green Bay Packer 2011 football blog. I just don't feel like keeping one this football season. Plus, with the Brewers in the playoffs the Packers only have my divided attention!

- I created a small useful .BAT file to free up a ton of non-english language files after installing ATI Catalyst Control Center Windows 7 64-Bit Drivers! I titled it Blex's ATO Drover Catalyst Control Center Cleaner! Get it? It's like ATI's abbreviation CCC but with 4 C's because it has Cleaner at the end! Check it out and f33r my l33t programming skills!!!

6/13/2011 - I was mentioned on MLB Network's show Intentional Talk by guest hosts Sean Casey and Matt Vasgersian! Check out the details here!

- I made a page showing my highly l33t computer specs. The page serves no purpose other than to list the details of my desktop and laptop computers! Read it and w33p fuckers!

- A new site is up about the early underground history of the Mp3! I'm deeply honored to have this page linked and featured on! Check it out!

- I got bored and created a new page that explains how and why I'm in the DragonForce - Valley of the Damned liner notes!

- Thanks to whoever it was on the forums for mentioning and linking my pages in an internet nostalgia thread! Nostalgia, historical preservation, and the good ol' days of the internet were some of the primary reasons I created this site! The other reasons, unemployment boredom, entertainment, and an outlet for my expression! Instead of the usual 3-5 random hits a day from curious net surfers thinking "Where is Blex now?", traffic has increased into the hundreds a day! Thanks again!!

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