Blex Mentioned On MLB Network's Show Intentional Talk

So I'm sitting around on a Monday afternoon bored off my ass watching MLB network's Intentional Talk show. The guest hosts were Sean Casey and Matt Vasgersian and they definitely made the show much more enjoyable to watch without having to listen to the crazy talking ex-steroid player Kevin Millar spew his non-stop gibberish that only he finds funny.

First, the backstory...

I've been a Brewer fan my entire life and Matt V. used to be the Brewers' play-by-play TV guy. He was, without a doubt, the most entertaining play-by-play guy I've ever heard. The funniest game that I can remember was what was supposed to be the final game at country stadium in 1999. BUT, with the crane collapse the stadium instead closed in 2000 instead of 1999. Anyway, the game was supposed to start at like 1PM. The Brewers at the time were completely out of the race but Cincinnati HAD to play because if they won they forced a 1 game playoff the next day for the final wild-card spot. So, the entire last Sunday game of the year goes by with a rain delay from like 1PM until 9PM! When the game started, there were about a few hundred fans left. Now, you're probably wondering, why would you want to watch that game? Well, when the game started, EVERY single fan in the stands sounded PISS DRUNK!!! The Brewers lost like 9-1 and the game ended around midnight. But the entire game, you could hear EVERY single drunk fan yelling shit at the Reds and Brewers! The BEST PART was in the last inning, the Brewers are just at bats away from ending a MISERABLE year. UNTIL, a hitter comes up, and fouls off a pitch which rockets at the bat-boy by the Brewers dugout. The bat-boy caught it and you hear the entire drunk crowd chant sarcastically MVP, MVP, MVP!!! Now, yeah, that's not too funny. BUT, if I remember correctly, the SAME BATTER then fouls off ANOTHER PITCH to the EXACT same bat-boy who AGAIN makes the catch. The entertainment from the remaining few fans now all unanimously chanting MVP, MVP, MVP was HILARIOUS!!! Not only that, the jokes provided by Matt Vasgersian were PRICELESS! To this day, I've NEVER watched more entertaining TV in my life! Granted, I watch every Brewer game...always. But this was easily the most entertaining game EVER! I don't know why, but I remember the game and how it signified the end of summer and the start of winter and the off-season of 1999-2000. To add to the coolness, at the end of the game, FSN ran production credits with JOE SATRIANI - SUMMER SONG played in full! It was just a surreal game and moment that DIE-HARD Brewer fans like me remember. Now, with Miller Park selling out every game and the team finally winning, it's cool to look back on the really-sucky days when the team REALLY SUCKED yet myself and countless other fans STAYED DEVOTED!

To continue on, I see Matt Vasgersian and Sean Casey and I think to myself "Hmm, they were both at that game, I wonder if they remember? Hell, if anything it should give them some laughs!" I drafted up an email asking if they wish to comment on the game or if Sean Casey remembers Brewer fans heckling him for picking up and putting down his back-leg when he hits. Just for kicks, I sign the e-mail as "Internet Legend Blex" Then, at EXACTLY 5 PM on 6/13/2011, YES INDEED the e-mail was read LIVE ON NATIONAL TV!!!

I recorded it on my cell-phone after rewinding the program on my DVR. I then tossed on my hard drive, encoded to XVID, and HERE YA GO, my self-proclaimed internet alter-ego BLEX and ALL THE FAME mentioned LIVE!!

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