Michael W. Kramer - Television Series Pitch !!!

This page contains my pitch to television executives the most unique, creative, original, and sure to be the most entertaining show on television:
Introducing ...


An animated television show set one-million years in the future where dogs around the universe have developed the ability to speak and play baseball with each having his or her own superpower they are able to use on the field!

With the majority of people in America loving pets and sports why not combine both!? Here we have it! A built in audience already exists and this unique idea is sure to be a guaranteed hit for any network ready to pounce on my pitch (pun intended)!

Anything regarding past, present, and future issues surrounding all aspects of the game.
Problems arise between owners, players, and fans as to what is or should be against the rules.
Controversy arises when player wants to use a wooden bat.
Excessive hit batters cause bench-clearing brawls.
Replay comes into question as pitcher is caught on the field doctoring the baseball.
A blue player joins league and controversy ensues because dogs want either black or white players.
A pitcher misses a bunt popped up hitting him or her on the head causing a movement for all players to wear football helmets on the field.
Scouting reports predict where foul balls will land causing fielders to sit in stands and make outs.
Players debate wooded or aluminum bats and crack versus ping pluses or minuses.
Or, want to take it another direction? Dramatic reenactments of historic baseball moments from years past!

Baseballs exploding when hitting the ground.
Super catchers who can extend arms instantaneously behind the plate regardless of angle hit are caught for outs.
Player throws ball that turns into shock put on way to the plate. Breaking bats.
Player who can jump high and rob any home run regardless of distance and height.
Player who bat loses bat when swinging often taking out fans in the seats.
Ball literally disappears on the way to plate.
Pitchers throwing stop ball that stop once on it's way to the plate then breaks.
Players swings around in circle multiple times after swinging and missing.
Player swings around rapidly in a blur at the plate and when the pitch comes and bat stops midway through the zone and goes miles out of the stadium.
Baseballs bouncing around after hitting ground in random angels.
Announcers who break all rules of etiquette when announcing games.
Ejections deemed illegal.
Crazy dugout celebrations.
Umpire strike calls exceeding normal parameters.

Spot: The main protagonist, team leader, and best player in league. Aggressive and excessively offensive to everybody. Loved by all ladies and fans.
Rocky: Team owner, player, manager, Steinbrenner style ownership who lives in a mansion spanning the entire outfield scenic view.
Blex: Gigantic tall player who when he hits it only hits homeruns that go excessively far. Refuses to accept money to play the game and lives in a tiny shack in the corner of Rocky's mansion. Rocky's nemesis.
Dud: First baseman who does not believe in throwing the ball. Runs ball to every base. When critized he only says in professional voice "I do not believe in throwing the ball."
Vroy: Plays in creative variations of underwear and legally changed his name as underwear was long ago replaced by the word Vroy.
George: Old retired player who sits in the dugout. Regardless of situation. Says "Home run derby" every game. Often yells in a deep voice when dramatic moments occur "HEEYYY!"
Sadie Smith: Victorian style prim and proper lady who only stands up for old fashioned cultural and baseball norms.
Clol: Blazing speed who runs bases in under 2 seconds.
QPoz: Does not speak but only opens mouth wide and sticks out tongue when he's on camera.
XPoy: Often says "ha haaaaaaa guys!"
Sid ...Hea: Name is always said with Sid (pause) ..Hea!

Background and Other Information:
This idea is heavily based on the 1989 Nintendo game Baseball Simulator 1000 that my sister and I played and laughed more than we ever have and will in our lives as we created characters and personas for all of the make-believe names we gave players. 25 years later, we still remember most the names and catch-phrases we gave each player (who, as setup in the game, could only have a four character name).

This page is a total work in progress! Yesterday, July 7, 2014), I had a dream I was playing Baseball Simulator 1000. So, I pulled a Carl Jung and followed my dream and decided to try and fix my old Nintendo to see if I could get the game to play. My efforts were futile. Then, today, a creative spell came over me and I tried to remember as many characters my sister and I had imagined and throw them down on this page!

OBVIOUSLY this idea can be altered if professional writers and what not take me up on this offer. Heck, want it to be about football? Let me know! I have no agent and I'm not a big fan of money so tell me any amount if you want the rights to this idea and we'll negotiate from there!

But, this idea is copyright Michael W. Kramer, 2014, so I currently own the rights to this idea indefinitely until further notice. I definitely would love to further describe, write episodes, voice characters (I've been told all my life I have one of the best unknown announcer voices), design players, etc. Yeah, I write my web pages in an excessively casual and informal style and I rarely if ever use graphics on my pages. I have excellent academic credentials including a Masters Degree in History and one year of post-masters PhD candidate of history coursework.


My name: Michael William Kramer
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Created and Last Updated: July 8th, 2014.