The Remnants of ... Blex's Ratio Hater Page

    Back in the middle to late '90s, pirated software (warez) and eventually mp3s were distributed largely via private or publicly owned FTP sites (thus, leading to the birth of the now legendary Blex's Page of Good Mp3). In the infancy of internet file transferring, GREED began to pollute the underground world of warez and mp3s. In order do download anything cool you had to first upload something cool! Unacceptable!! Ratios represented a direct contradiction as to why anybody would seek to pirate anything in the first place! I've never been one to believe in the old saying that greed is good. In fact, I believe in quite the opposite. Cooperation, giving, love, and mutual respect and well being of one another are overwhelmingly the most successful aspects of a righteous, peaceful, and structured egalitarian society.

    According to the guest book for this page, on July 21st, 1997, while my mp3 page was slowly growing in popularity, I decided that enough is enough and this page was created!

    Fast forward through the years leading up to modern times and ratios DO NOT EXIST!!! Yes, in order to boost my complete lack of real life self-confidence and dignity, I can now proudly say that (as you will read below) THE BLEX RULE is now THE STANDARD method of distributing digital files on the internet!

    When the FTP sites were removed off of Blex's Page of Good Mp3 in Black February of 1998, the demise of the FTP sites list left a give and take legacy on the internet that continues to this day!!! Torrents, message boards, e-mule, IRC, napster, kazaa, etc..etc.. ALL were created and of course were RATIO FREE!

    It was my belief then and it still is today that when greed, unequal power, and oligarchic rule are eliminated the advancement of the human race accelerates at a faster pace! Adam Smith's concepts of competition BE DAMNED !!!

    Below, UNTOUCHED (except for 2 dead graphics removed and a note by the guest book) from 1997, the historic and legendary page released out of cryogenic stasis for everybody to enjoy!

Blex's Ratio Hater Page

Welcome to the official ratio hater page. We all hate them, now it's time to do something about how lame these ratios are.

There are lots of lame stupid things out there, and the main one is ratios. For the best mp3 sites list ever made with 100% working, LEECH, and no ratio mp3 sites you can goto Blex's Page of Good Mp3. This page hasn't been updated lately, so if it looks familiar all the time it's because nothing is ever done in the big warez and mp3 channels on the internet to put an end to this lame ass idea of ratios.

What Ratios Are

A ratio is used in warez (illegal software), mp3 (illegal music), and xxx (porn) FTP servers as a method to get files added to the server. The files get added by having the user connected not be allowed to download any files that are available until the person uploads a certain amount of either files or bytes. If the user tries to get a file the user receives a "Permission Denied" error or another type of error saying that they must upload first. Ratios are used by numbers. If there is a 1:5 ratio in effect the users connected would have to upload 1 megabyte of files to receive a 5 megabyte file. If a FTP server does not have a ratio and you can connect to the site and download without uploading it is called a "leech" site.

Ratios mainly are used just so the GREEDY operator of the site can increase his collection because the person cannot be nice enough to give the files out for free. There is really no reason at all to be uploading files to this anonymous site op, because you will probably be giving software to somebody, disconnecting, and then never seeing the site op or the site the site op runs ever again.

Prime Examples Of The Logic Lameness Of Ratios

Ratios are usually used by stupid ignorant little lamers that download a copy of war-ftp from jgaa, goto irc, turn the server on, put in a 1:3 ratio, and expect to get warez. They do this because they cannot get warez any other way because they are lamers. Lamers also put sites up on 28.8 servers, which is lame also because you can not run an FTP server on a 28.8 modem!!!

This is a typical lame ass ratio site that was posted in irc channel #zeraw on undernet: "Perm site up at, 14.4 site, 1:2 ratio, 1 user max, bans for not uploading, bans for not making directories for your uploads!" I got a kick/ban for yelling at this loser for putting this site up, the owner of the site got to stay in the channel...figure that one out.

How To End Ratios

To end ratios it must be a group effort, not an individual one. I propose putting in THE BLEX RULE on every single warez and mp3 channel on every single IRC server. THE BLEX RULE simply is this, if you post a ratio site you will get a ban from the channel. If you go on IRC a lot PRESSURE YOUR OPS for THE BLEX RULE. If you see a lamer posting a ratio site tell him he is a lamer! This way ratios will become a thing of the past.

People say that if there were no ratios the spread of warez would stop. Nothing is farther from WRONG. First off if I get warez/mp3's so I can get the shit for free and not buy it. I'm sure everybody else (99%) of the people think the same way. If every single warez/mp3 site on the net was a leech site the warez world would just prosper (yet alone everybody would be happy). If you want to start a site you don't go out posting ratios sites expecting people to upload to you, you go out and get some warez from another LEECH site out there and download off of that. Once you have gained enough warez and have a fast connection (cable modem, t1, t3) you can start up a LEECH server. Now repeat that process and the warez would FLY! No more would you have to suffer though lame ratio sites ever again. Just make everything leech and everything will be fine! There are also a lot of great nice people out there that actually like uploading (if I had a fast connection I would also), if you make them happy they would be glad to upload to you.

Spread The Word To End Ratios

To help and spread the word that ratios suck, just right click and save a graphic on this page and put it on your site on the www. Put the link back to this page at and you are all set. The word will then be out on the plan to end ratios and make the warez world HAPPY!!!

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