Blex's 2011 Experience & Experiment

The Story & Background Information

In March of 1994, my mother, sister, and I went to Best Buy and became owners of a solid $3,500 Packard Bell home computer! I'm now 31 years old and have used computers every single day of my life for a total of 17 years! When I was little, I loved playing with Transformers and I was fascinated by the fancy technology, computer terminals, buttons, and mesmerizing sound effects portrayed on the show. As a result, my fascination with computers goes back to the early '80s! Anyways, this isn't an autobiography, so I'll get to the experience. Currently, I've been single for 2 years. My last girlfriend and I were pretty much a couple for about eight months until she called me out of the blue in March of 2009 and simply said she just wanted to end our relationship. So, yeah, haven't talked to her since then and I've been single ever since! No problem really, seeing I've probably had maybe five definitive relationships in my life that would have warranted updating my facebook profile to "in a relationship" status (the current relationship-status-barometer for the entire country).

Lets jump to February 23rd, 2011, I'm bored off my ass sitting on my laptop in my apartment looking for something to do on the internet. I think to myself "Damn, I've been on the internet all this time and have been a revolutionary and legendary figure with my old mp3 page having millions of visitors. Yet, I've never paid one cent for a dating site and haven't met any women from online in about 8 years!!" So, out of my infinite free time on my hands, I decide to check out the highly advertised site! Back in the '80s and '90s single, nerdy, and desperate for love nerds like myself ruled the internet. At that time, for every attractive female online there were easily hundreds of guys like myself yearning for their companionship. But now, it's 2011, there definitely has to be a better ratio of attractive single females to males. Right???

Now, lets get some things straight, I'm not hideous looking, I got nice teeth, a good smile, a Michael J. Fox-like baby face, I'm college educated, and from what I've been told I'm smart, funny, and in pretty good shape (aka, not fighting off diabetes and tipping 300 pounds). I figured, I've got to attract at least some good looking women on the site. Right???

After creating a profile and making it completely 100% truthful (well, I did change my smoking status to "no answer" in hopes to land better search results from hopeful matches), I decided to check out the available women. Of course, I didn't sign up to actually PAY for the ability to communicate with women because has a feature called "WINK for Free!!" So, in my genius mind, I put in my "about me" status, "if you are interested, wink back and if we match I will buy an account on here!" I thought to myself, ingenious!!! Plus, I figure that if people are smart enough, they will do a quick Google search or facebook search for Blex or BlexClex and they would be able to find me online. RIGHT???

The Outcome - Five Weeks Later

As you can see, no luck!! Damn! How can that many women not be interested in me? I figure, the ratio of single men to attractive females on the internet STILL can't be that DISPROPORTIONATE. Right??? WRONG!!! ZERO interest from available babes and ZERO chance for finding an actual MATCH on MATCH.COM!!



On my daily 6 personality matches, I showed interest in 37 matches. ZERO showed interest back!
I sent a grand total of 175 fucking WINKS to 175 different attractive women and got ZERO winks back!
I was only viewed 128 times!

Let's take a look at the numbers and matchmaking odds:

0% - The percent of women winked at that winked back!
0% - Percent of women who expressed interest back!
3.65 - Average number of people who viewed my profile in a day.
1 - Number of winks received from ugly, large, beast-like, and Medusa-looking women!
3 seconds - Time spent deleting my profile!

The Experiment

March 28th, 2011, I get an idea! I'll hit facebook, snag some random and averagely attractive 28-32 year old woman's picture from some random place place in the world and create a fake woman's profile to investigate if the good looking women to single male ratio is still as exponentially disproportionate as it was over a decade ago! I snag, in my estimate, about a 8/10 pretty good looking head-shot picture of some unknown blond girl from the other side of the world and I claim her mugshot as my own! I use my third e-mail address to sign up for a new account, toss in some random typical-female-like Wisconsin information, and make the phantom woman have the same age, martial status, no kids, etc. that my profile had!

I'm not going to show the picture I used but it looked something like this (f33r my l33t CGI-Paint skills) !!

March 29th, 2011, ONE DAY LATER, See for yourself...


HOLY SHIT!! In ONE day, 5 emails, 31 winks received, and 255 TOTAL views!!! If you do the multiplication to determine what would have happened in 5 weeks time, the numbers are astronomically disproportionate for attractive single females to males!

The numbers:

8,925 - Amount of men who would have viewed profile in 35 days (5 weeks).
175 - Amount of men who would have emailed in 35 days (5 weeks).
1,085 - Amount of men who would wink in 35 days (5 weeks).

So, lets compare the numbers from the test subject phantom female to myself over a 35 day timespan:

70/1 - Attractive single women get SEVENTY FUCKING TIMES more page views than attractive single male!
175/0 - Number of unsolicited emails received by attractive single woman to attractive single male!!
98.57% - Percent more page views of attractive single women to attractive single male! Yeee!!!!


If you are an attractive female in Wisconsin, you can create a profile on and immediately have your choosing between any SEVENTY different men who express interest!

Single men like myself in our late '20s or early '30s have a minuscule chance of meeting babes on Single men hoping to find that special attractive, smart, and compatible match are like items on a shelf in a department store. We simply sit there perpetually trying to put out any sort of vibe that hopefully leads to an actual acknowledgment of existence by a single female!

To quote George Costanza, the only hope is to have no hope. There is no hope for single men looking to meet attractive women online! He was right!

Life as a single man does have it's blessing of true 100% freedom, good times with friends out drinking, no female drama, not having to listen to bullshit you don't care about from women hoping to get laid, and a dictatorial-like management of what to watch on your TV. But, the downfall is the ultimate hopelessness in knowing that you are at the total mercy of attractive females if you are picky like I am. It's like what was said in the movie Bull Durham, it's really all about timing, coincidence, molecular attraction, and pure really just pure 100% LUCK in finding a sole mate!

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