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Blex's Page of Good Mp3

Below is a copy of the infamous and glorious website Blex's Page of Good Mp3 exactly how it looked on June 30th, 1997. The site was in it's infancy and at the time it listed 20 all-working leech FTP sites. I have since removed dead links, made some miscellaneous tweaks, and inserted updated replacement notes that are listed in white and italicized. I have also, OBVIOUSLY, removed the links to the FTP sites !!!

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Yes, I really loved (and still love) the color neon green and inserting horizontal lines.
Enjoy !!!

Blex's Page of Good Mp3

You have found the place to get working, fast, good quality, and NO ratio Mp3 sites.

The author of this site takes no responsibility for what you find here. There is nothing illegal here, just links to places where illegal stuff is. I made this site just to have something to do, download at your own risk. You all should know this disclaimer by now, it's on every page like this out there.

If you are looking for Warez check out Zeraw International!!!

The next 15 people to Sign the GuestBook receive a FAST and LOADED LEECH site!!!

The guest book has long since been dead. But, you can still EVERYBODY that ever signed it here. Or (believe it or not), you can also hit back if you came here from that page.

Wanna link to me? Feel totally free too! If you want use the now phat graphics I made for you to use! My graphics look normal now.

If you want a GOOD explanation of what mp3's are and why people get them click here.

For Blex's New GOOD working Mp3 search page click here!!!

If you need an Mp3 player check out the GOOD Mp3 Players page.

For other GOOD Mp3 pages check out the links page. If you want your's added tell me. Somehow the links.html page didn't survive the cryogenic thaw (I can't locate the file anywhere).

For info on making your own Mp3's try Fatz-Clam's Guide to making them.

These sites here should be ALL, 100%, WORKING, NO RATIO, LEECH, and GOOD sites. If a site goes down, don't work right or doesn't fit the qualifications it goes on the Bad Sites page. Some sites work from time to time on the bad sites page though, and then they get brought back to the Index page. I will try to update these sites at least once a day. You can find me as "Blex" on the Undernet and/or EFnet to add a site or to request me to remove one for some reason. If you have having problems downloading Mp3 files try shift+clicking on the file. I highly suggest using CuteFTP when getting Mp3s because it can automatically retry, continue downloads, and resume file transfers.


Sites working at 11:49 PM 6/29/97, USA Central Standard Time.

Here I had the text "Quit Snooping at my fucking Document Source!!!!!! FUCKER!!!" hidden in the html source code in hopes that it would prevent people from stealing the content therein.

Located HERE were the links to 20 all-working leech FTP sites !!!

Here was more hidden html source code that stated " Copy my source go ahead!!!! FUCKER!!!"

For www sites with direct downloads of Mp3's click here. 13 awesum WWW Sites Now, Including a killer Rap mp3 page!!!

For FTP sites that used to be up there but were not working click here. old sites erased now The bad.html page also didn't survive the thaw. :(

Page made and maintained by Blex (irc name "Blex")

By the way, I no longer go on IRC.

Contact me on ICQ, my number is 1851801

If you still actually use ICQ, consider yourself a lamer. It's 2012, as I write this, and ICQ has gone the way of the dinosaurs.

Here was the infamous counter that tracked the groves of mp3 hungry people who visited the site hits since 5/10/97

Thanks goes out to:

DaveYJoe for teaching me how to use PhotoShop 4! Expect better graphics now!
THa aRuBiaN HaCKeR, owner of Jade'z Arubian Web Page for making an old Mp3'z graphic.
Brain on CyberZone on-line for helping verify the sites and helping me maintain this page.
CyberZone on-line for being such a great ISP.
All the people who have signed the guestbook saying thanks for the kick ass sites (and getting nothing in return!).
All the people who have contributed sites.
God, for giving me life.

By the way, the free site for signing the guestbook is just a trick to get it signed! If you really want the site you need to give me a warez distro site in return! :)