Stuff Blex Would Like

A lot of people have said they wanted to help Blex in some way or another. So I thought I'd make up a little want list of some stuff I would like. If you can help me, go ahead it would be nice. If not, just go help yourself to themassive all working sites list.

Wish List

1. Some warez distro sites, or just some perm warez sites would be nice.

2. An always working login and password for would be nice.

3. Personal accounts on your mp3 ftp sites, I got about 5 now, it would be nice for more.

4. For congress to put an end to XXX www site companies for giving money away for how many times a person clicks somebody's banner.

5. For anybody who is famous to email me and tell me "I've been to Blex's Page of Good Mp3!" (So I can brag to my friends of course!!!)

6. A new hard drive, dvd, and basically just a new faster computer.

If you can provide any of them email me.

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