The Mp3 Manifesto By Blex

Here is my explanation for Mp3's and why people get them.

Imagine you are driving in your car and you hear a song that you havn't heard in years. For the sake of a bad title the songs name is "GoodSong". That song is immediately your favorite song. You then drive to about 50 music stores to find "GoodSong" but you have no luck. You call in to the radio stations to play it again but they just never play it. That nite while surfing the net you find something new called Mp3s. You find out the Mp3s are CD quality music that you can play on your computer with a good sound card and an mp3 player. You try some Mp3 search sites for a while and you realize that none of them show results for "GoodSong". You then try Blex's Page of Good Mp3 and after searching through some ftp sites on it you don't find "GoodSong" but you find about 10 other songs you've always loved. After viewing various loaded, working, and good sites on Blex's Page you click one more site on the bottom and after scrolling by you almost jump out of your seat when you see that "GoodSong" is finally found!!! After spending a short time with the fastest CPS rate available (Blex's Page of Good Mp3 has great fast sites) you sit back for hours listening to "GoodSong" and drinking cheap ass whiskey while sitting in a whirlpool thinking of the fun times you had while listening to "GoodSong" and the 10 other songs you found. After a month you find "GoodSong" at a gas station selling old CD's for 50 cents. You buy the CD go home and then make your own Mp3 of "GoodSong" just as your personal tribute to "GoodSong" You then go home live a nice happy life while working at a factory making pinball machine parts.

It has come to my attention that people are saying Mp3's are illegal. I don't like that at all. I see several reasons for getting Mp3s. 1. Radio stations never play your favorite songs. 2. MTV hardly even plays songs anymore. 3. CD's cost to much money, and money involves work, and you get no work done sitting on computers. 4. You just like music and think it's cool and like to listen to music.

Another thing, it's not like Mp3's are ever going to become a standard. Most people still don't know shit about computers and if they do probably 1% or so know of the elite ways to get warez and mp3's because probably all the rest are stupid people who are afraid of doing wrong or just don't even know it exists because they are to stupid to even know how to operate a mouse (they just get a computer to say "Yup, our family is on the net!". Mp3's it's kinda obvious you need a computer, and it's not like they are gonna make CD companies lose anything because your not gonna see kids hauling big desktop computers everywhere to the beach and in their cars with them to listen to music like they would with a portable CD player.

I've sort of started to ramble on so if you've read this far good job (sometimes I lose myself when I'm writting manifesto's like this). All in all I think that Mp3 causes NO HARM AT ALL. Mostly teens do mp3ing right now and mostly just because we like music and wanna listen to our favorite songs. With all the crime problems going on in the world would you rather have teenagers running around killing, raping, disecting, and doing other stuff to people in real life? Or would you rather have us PEACEFULLY sitting on the computer all in harmony enjoying music we enjoy?

This Manifesto by Blex. ok, it's now Feel free to link directly to this page whenever possible if you are trying to explain to people what an Mp3 is.

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