Who Is Blex You Ask?

This page is about my real life, and internet life.

Here is my life story.

I am 18 years old and in college. My name is Mike Kramer I am 6 feet tall and a whomping 145 pounds. I enjoy playing baseball, working at mcdonalds, running my mp3 page, watching football, and just sitting my ass down on my computer. I believe in God, I am christian, I don't believe in UFO's, I think Kennedy wasn't shot by a lone gunman, I don't like graphics on webpages, I love Savatage music, I love cats, dogs, and animals, and I like chics too. My life story starts before I was born. My father passed away in a car accident on icy roads while I was in the womb. I was raised by my mom, sister, and relatives. My life has had about 4 major phases. My first phase was my transformer phase. I had everysingle one almost and the TV show kicked ass. After my transformer phase, I got involved in collecting sports cards. I (to this day) have all my sports cards and I plan on keeping them as momento's of my youth. Thoughtout my life I have always played baseball. I consider myself good, but in my hick town that I live in the I've always been in a league younger then all my classmates because my birthday is 50 days past the age deadline. So my entire life I've always been playing baseball with kids that are a grade younger. I played football in 1993, I was 5'3 90 pounds on the freshman team and sat on the bench all year. I did however make the interception of my life in my first ever game by picking off a pass and running it back 40 yards until I tripped over my own two feet and got sandwiched by an actual 350 pound freshman from Marquette. I wrote a webpage on that and it's was fun to read. In March of 1994 my computer days started. My family got a Packard Bell 486/33 MHX computer with 4 megs of ram. This started the next phase of my life, that being the computer phase. That summer, I put a 14.4 modem in the computer. That started my days on the local bbs which I would later get suspended off of in 1996 because I didn't fit it's "family orientated" type of system. In January of 1996, we got a new Hewlett Packard pentium 133/1.6/16 computer, which I have upgraded to a Pentium 133/1.6 (with tape drive)/32. My webpage making days started on the old bbs, and even had one at http://www.cybrzn.com/~blex that was just an insult other webpage's type of page that criticized other shitty local www pages. That got boring then March of 1997 I stopped working on the page and just sat on the local ISP and downloaded warez for a while. I always thought of making a warez www page, and about 5 days before the prom I put together Blex's Page of Good Warez. That page was never uploaded, but rather scratched because all warez www pages suck, and mine would have sucked also. I then thought to myself..."I got about 5 good mp3 sites right now, if I posted them on a webpage and adveritised the URL on IRC I could run a good site" I started the page the day of the prom, because there was nothing to do seeing that all the people I know were at the prom, and I was at home. I soon saw hits flying into my page, I added as many sites that were working as I could. I then added some funny graphics, and people started emailing me and saying "Your page rules!" I knew then this mp3 page would be something big. Well, I graduated high school and a month later got a job at my hick town gathering hall (Mcdonalds). I played another year of baseball, but because I was only 17 years old, I was to play on the JV team, although all my friends graduated with me. I actualy prefered to play on the JV team because I'm so used to being on the same team with all the kids a year younger that it'd be funner. Last year I had a career low batting average of about 240 (although my career average is 350 still). But I don't give a shit, it don't matter when your graduated from high school and playing on a JV baseball team because the idiot baseball leaders have some stupid age deadline. I hit my first homerun in July of 1997. The homerun was in batting practice and it was on the last pitch thrown to me, in the last practice of the year. I have always been a good contact hitter and an excellent defensive player (I have started at shortstop every game of my life almost). But, I have never hit a homerun in any game or practice. After I hit my homerun I ran out to left field and got the ball. I have the ball sitting on my computer desk right now. If I wanted too I could probably list about 50 baseball stories that I have been through, including the drunk coach, 10th man mistake, and the shouting match but I choose to keep them secret. I love the game and have another year of elgiblitiy in 1998, but it's questionable if I'm gonna play or not because the only people that start are the players that have father's that suck up to the coach. Seeing I do not have a father that is drinking buddies with the coach, I don't play. As it is right now, I started my first semester at the University of Wisconsin Marinette Center, and I got a 2.87 GPA. I also just won the fastest grill person of the month award for an amazing 2 months in a row at Mcdonalds. I also run the best mp3 sites list in the entire world. I think I might eventually make the mp3 page my 5th phase, I really enjoy it (although sometimes it gets boring) and I'm glad that I have made a difference in the world (I always thought that I should make a diference in the world). You now have a shitty grammer, 1000 spelling mistake version of my life story. I have left out tons and tons of details, but now you know who Blex is in real life.

Here was what this page originally was. It's a philosophical view of what the internet is and the power of Anonmosity.

Who am I? Well in case you don't realize it, you are on the internet. Yes, the next technological wonder and the biggest revolution of the 90s. So who am I? I use the nickname of Blex. What can you draw from that? Am I just another teenager running around surfing the net? Am I an FBI agent in disguise out to take down illegal sites? Am I the President of the United States in disguise? Am I your long lost brother or sister? You really want to know who I am? I am a computer user connected to the internet who uses chat rooms, webpages, and other sorts of technological wonders to express the person I want to be on the net. I can pretend to be anybody I want. I can enter chat rooms and give advice to doctors for a heart transplant, I can say I am a male or a female, I can say I am anybody in the world and you would have nothing to say that I am not. Surely, if you already know a person in real life the internet is a great way to talk back and forth with email or chat rooms, but if you have no idea on who a person is in real life, all you can do is draw up a picture in your mind and any personality that you want to because all that you know is that that person is a series of letters (a nickname or user-id) that talks back to you and gives you an idea to who that person is. But then again, what proof do I have that anybody else exists in this world? Can you prove to me that you exist? How do I know the universe wasn't created 10 minutes ago and my past hasn't just been illusions? What proof do I have that there really is an actual person who is Blex that types stuff into a computer? What if I told you my age? If I said 10, how do you know I am? If I said 20 how do you know I'm not? What if I told you my real name? Could you prove me wrong if I said I was Bill Clinton? If I claim to be a male, am I telling the truth? If I said I was from the north pole and lived with elves would you have proof to say I'm lying? How do you know that I am actually a person? What if I claimed to be an alien from outer space who has signed onto the internet to learn about the human race? Could you prove me wrong? What am I here for you ask? Well I started up my mp3 page because I wanted to make a difference in people's lives and to make things better for people. I am near 1 million visitors to my mp3 page, and lots of nickname's out there know this "Blex" as a household name. I have changed nearly 1 million lives, and effected millions more seeing that people download and mp3 song, play it, and then others around them hear it. Could I have affected more then 10 million people without leaving my chair in front of my computer? I guess the internet is the place you go where race, sex, religion, ethics, minorities, heritage, teeth color, eye color, bad breath, hair color, shoe size, and everything else about a person is thrown aside because you can't see a person. All that remains is your interpertation of what a person's actual personality is in real life from what a series of characters that a person types into his computer show on your screen. How do you know the Blex from Blex's Page of Good Mp3 wrote this page? Does my claiming to have wrote this page really mean I wrote it? Are you sure? So now, this page is titled "Who Is Blex", so...who am I? That's for your mind to determine, unless you know me in real life...

Now you all think I am some sort of weird ass, you can email me. But, how do I know anybody else besides my self can think?

Site made 1/8/98 with the philosophical version. The real Blex version was made on 1/14/98.