The Page That Classifies Lame

Anything done on the internet can pass for lame these days. What is "elite" to one person, is lame to another. This page will show you an easy list of what is lame and what isn't lame.


Ratio sites

ALL warez WWW pages

99.999999% of mp3 pages

Netradio banners

Porno banners

Top sites lists

Perm bans

Copied mp3/warez sites

Money making banner password entering sites (very very lame)

Sites with graphics, java, or other LAME irritating stuff

Sub-Ops of #zeraw on the undernet

The warez scene on the undernet

#Mp3 of The Undernet

#Mpeg3 of The Undernet

#Zeraw of The Undernet

Warez sites lists (aka lists of dead sites)

Warez files that contain 5000 NFO files and 1 zipped up file


Leech warez sites

Leech mp3 sites

People who rip cd's and make mp3s out of them

Uploaders to leech sites

IRC channels that allow NO RATIOS

People who fill requests

Sites that are updated a lot and have good quantity

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