Blex's IRC Experience

This page is page #1 of a series of pages that show how lame IRC channels are these days. It also shows the total fall of the warez world, and the rise of ratios. More IRC stories will come in the future.

The story of how lame some people (mostly TOnez) of #zeraw are on the undernet.

I know, for a fact, that I am not alone when I say that all of the major mp3 and warez channels on the net are run by idiots. People sign onto IRC and expect the OP's of these channels to be the guys that know it all and can help people get their mp3s and warez. But, on most channels these days all you see are no life little kids with their BOTS sitting there perm banning and kicking anybody who tells them how lame they really are. A prime example of the lameness of IRC channels is on #zeraw on the undernet. If you sit in there and talk about modern events and socialize with the OP's you can get a special +V and the ability to kick/ban people you don't like. It doesn't matter how much you contribute to the warez world, all that matters is you talk and suck up..that's all. I have always gone to this channel to screw people out of warez sites, and I thought that on a day around September I could do just that (I succeeded in getting about 3 distro sites in exchange for nothing). But while I was surfing around to squeze some good warez sites out of people I noticed this guy named Tonez (with his own +V!!!) just sitting there yabbing away non-stop (blah blah blah!) about anything that would be said in the channel. I figured I'd talk to this guy and say..what are you doing besides sitting here sucking up!? He simply replyed with totally stupid remarks such as "your gay" and "your a loser" and my personaly favorite "your page sucks" (which we already all know is the best mp3 site in the world). I soon thought to myself "I'm gonna winnuke this dork" So I did, and believe it or not, this "SUB-OP" wasn't protected, nor did he have any clue on how to fix it! I must have nuked this lamer about 10 times, he kept logging back on saying "why does my computer keep freezing!!!" I was just sitting there laughing. I then did a /whois on him and noticed he had in his mIRC user-id "Tonez The Elite" or something! I laughed my ass off again! How can a zeraw sub-op, who supposedly is "elite" not know how to fix winnuke! I tried another /whois on him after I winnuked him another 5 times or so and lo and behold (you won't believe this) he switched to AMERICA ONLINE!!! Well the story don't end there, I came back the next day and all I see is Tonez (still there talking away) sitting there saying "Don't trade with blex he's gay" and "Blex rips people off!!!" (which I do and am proud of it). He soon cried so much that I was the center of attention whenever I would enter #zeraw! He cried so much that he got a perm banned put on me (which doesn't matter because I just join other warez channels to get my sites, but I do miss laughing at him) for a few months! On New Year's eve I came into #zeraw once again and he claimed I used some big hacker version of winnuke called liquidnuke and made him switch to windows NT 4.0 (he bought it because he probably couldn't find the warez version). Little does he know. I did NOT use a big winnuker, he was just TOO STUPID to know how to prevent winnuke! He also talks non-stop 24/7 still, and at the end of each sentence..always put a :). How lame!! :) :) :)!! To this day I am still banned from #zeraw for my experience with Tonez, as well as telling of how lame the OPS and +v's are for allowing ratio sites to be posted non-stop. I also got a ban because basically I am a "lamer"..go figure..people that do nothing to help the spread of warez and mp3s other then sit in #zeraw and say they are "cool +v's" that talk about current events call me a lamer..while I run the biggest and most working mp3 sites list on the net for people worldwide. To disguse this matter you can talk to Tonez yourself and get his version of the story (where he will probably call me names such as "fag" and "he sucks") or you can just take my word, that #zeraw is shit. I now go on IRC to talk to my friends and relatives and to argue UFO warez is just lame..if you want warez you screw people out of sites..because that's the only way to get them nowdays. This page was made on December 31st, 1997! Happy New Year and continue leech leech leech, and remember...ops are not people to look up to..just people who got a a channel first that think they are cool when they perm ban people who really know what they are talking about.

Once I posted this I told Tonez himself to check this is WORD FOR WORD what he said to me! I am not making any of this up!!! Remember: This guy IS an op in the biggest warez channel on the undernet!!!

TOnez buffer saved on Wed Dec 31 21:43:04 1997

<TOnez> hola ;)

<TOnez> como esta :)

<Blex> i wrote a summary up spead it around to your fellow +v's..

<Blex> should provide great entertainment for my guests and followers!!!!

<Blex> ha!

<TOnez> :) your followers are the blind ;)

<TOnez> and the death

<Blex> ha!

<Blex> i must log this

<TOnez> and I never go to AOL :)

<TOnez> primenet forever

<Blex> ook...

<Blex> speak some more i want to log your stupidty more!

<TOnez> :) i never denied being a lamer

<Blex> either have i!

<TOnez> ;) i am the biggest almer you probly ever will meet ;)

<Blex> unbelieveable!

<TOnez> :) tell me this If #zeraw is so lame why is it so BIG ???

<Blex> because it promotes chat..and people go so they can particiapate in the chat and not get pirated software

<TOnez> well ain't that just PEACHY :)

<Blex> keep on talkin this is going on the page!!

<TOnez> cool :)

<TOnez> My favortie page on the net is :)

<TOnez> umm

<TOnez> my favortie food is guys penises

<TOnez> he he;)

<TOnez> umm

<TOnez> my favorite pass time is doing your dad :)

<TOnez> i Hate war

<TOnez> I have been knowen ass War+GoD+ on

<Blex> hahahhaha

<TOnez> ummm

<TOnez> let me think

<TOnez> Blex mom is not ass good in bed as she looks :)

<TOnez> Hicks rule :)

<TOnez> Country rules :)

<Blex> oh i'm sure everybody's gonna believe that

<TOnez> me too ;)

<TOnez> he he :)

<Blex> hahahaha

<Blex> anything else you'd like to add to the lame irc page?

<TOnez> I have 1 allunimam hand that I lost in NAM

<TOnez> and back in the old days we use to use olives to strip mimes

<TOnez> but the king stole are green olives

<Blex> ok that's good enough!

End of TOnez buffer Wed Dec 31 21:43:04 1997

Remember: This guy IS AN OP! and the one perm banned is ME and other loyal anti-zeraw people!

Well the story doesn't stop there, after this page was up for a week or so TOnez would just completely tell me over and over again to POST MY REPLY POST MY REPLY. So, here it is..with my comments encluded in yellow.

Get more! Email him!

This is no one other than THe TOnez. The center of attetion on your irc lamer page. lets get a few thing stright and you better paste this how it is ;) (Sure, but with comments included)

When we first meet it was my first real good time in #zeraw because of my time on reading this I thought to myself, what in the fuck is and what why would you have a real good time in #zeraw because of it? It doesn't make any sense and I could really care less.) I didn't know how to nuke, ping ,flood, and protect myself from any of these (Yet he was an OP in the biggest warez channel on the undernet!). I was a typicol lamer like most people (He still is, and keeps getting lamer..unlike most people who in time progress to knowing a lot and being less lame. He just goes down the latter). Since then i have gotten many things and I have learned more (He can learn! I can picture him with a shirt that says Hooked on Phonex worked for me..don't ask just pops in my head). I now Know how to protect my self from these things (Wow! He is now "the best" like his /whois claims). I also have learned how to use these thing in unix (He can use unix! He is NOT LAME anymore!..not). I have noticed only 2 people really bugging and those people I then have some fun with crashing there comp like you did to mine (This is the same guy that told me winnukeing is what all assholes and lamers do. He also attempted to winnuke me when I changed my IRC nickname and asked if he was lame or not) :) (He's still using that gay :)). I went to NT to spread my knowledge of other OS like most people should do (Yeah, we ALL need to know about other operating systems, it is a MUST IN LIFE...Forget giving out leech sites...we all need to stop and learn other OS's!!!!...NOT). Because i didnt' want to me a win95 LOSER (99% of my webpage visitors use windows is good and I love it like everybody else does) :) (Another Gay :)). As you know i am a SUBop at #zeraw and i banned ya because ya nuked me nothing less and nothing more (Oh, it's ok for sub-op's to nuke like crazy, but the others CANNOT!). I never did say no ratios was an bad idea (His grammer is worse then mine) but i did say that it will never happen because of so many greedy people (If you did something other then making chit chat with people in #zeraw and actually kick/banning's these ratio users you might get something done about this). You rag on zeraw about there lamers with there lame site but you don't tell people About how zeraw try's and makes sites of course these sites are deleted by deleters, I should know i have made some in my spare time (You and your fellow zeraw people post warez on sites with delete access enabled...WHAT GREAT LOGIC!!!! This is done each day and in hours deleters delete this shitty and lame attempt to distribute warez. I must give some of the other OP's credit for maintaining the is a help for some people to get sites). Now i have no sites so i am back at square one getting my warez like most people( And i don't lie about what i have) (He told me once that you had about 34 distro sites from #zeraw that were all 0day!!! But I thought he doesn't lie about what he has!!??) :) (Yet Another Gay :)). I trade when i need to. Zeraw also provides 2 t1 sites that people have to get the l/p for but because of people not wanting to trade they rather leech off these sites with slow speeds (These 2 sites are also called "the 2 busiest sites in the world, but I must give credit to zeraw again, not tonez, for providing these leech sites...but Blex provides 60 or so..zeraw provides 2?? I guess it's better then none). Of course special people get special deals with accounts I have not gotten one account from zeraw i have to go threw other people to get it ;) (ANOTHER Gay :)..this time with a ;). I am not denieing being a lamer, loser and an ass.(We all know that by now) I talk to you alot and I try to solve are diffrences without war (He claimed to be the "WAR GOD" on his email to me is almost like a beg for mercy!!!). I have offered you the deal you provide the perm t1 sites and i probly could get them filled up with warez but of course these site must be able to be asscessed to the public (Now is where he totally makes no sense and where I offically know he is begging for mercy...a deal?? What!!! Does he expect me to give him t1 sites to get filled up for the people of zeraw!!! He changes the topic for no reason to a place I've been shitlisted in for years and am not with good relations with anybody there!??!?! huh!!!???). Now many people have heard both sides of the story and yes this is my real email I have nothing to hide.

THe TOnez

ps. blex i never used my subop as protection :) i don't need to ;) I also am surprised of what ya are doing even though your page has a some childish pages its flat out FREE :) and I hope someday ya do what ya hope to do :) (Gee thanks, Only 4 :)'s there, not bad)

but the one thing me and you will always agree on is KEEP THE WAREZ FREE (Keep the warez free??? Is this sort of like the final COUP DE GRACE in his email to say "BLEX AND I AGREE"??? Is he trying to say..."You are right, yet I do nothing with my OP powers in #zeraw other then talk about worthless shit and let ratio sites be posted?" WE NEED THE BLEX RULE IN ALL MAJOR CHANNELS, YET IT ISN'T PUT IN!!! POST A RATIO = GET A BAN...IT'S THAT EASY! TONEZ CAN DO THIS, YET DOESN'T. We all hate ratios! Yet all ops of most warez and mp3 channels on the undernet DO NOTHING!!!)

After reading this, I draw the conclusion that this is TOnez plea to let the entire world and entire visitors of Blex's Page of Good mp3 (7000 hits a day) all know...HE IS NOT AS LAME AS I POINT HIM OUT TO BE. Well, This email he sent me, and the 50000 /msg's he gave me on IRC tell me to post this just shows just desperateness to let these "Blex followers" not think he's lame. If somebody out there made a page detailing how I was lame (I've already made one about myself) I'd find it fun to read and wouldn't give a rats ass as long as it was fiction.

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