One on One Interview With Blex

Damn, 18 years ago I was pretty weird eh!?

Here is a page where you will find a one on one personal interview with Blex. Questions about mp3s, warez, ratios, and the page of good mp3 will be answered.

Note: This is 100% fiction. This is in no way intended to cut down Barbara Walters. All names are purely conincidental!!!

Barbara Walters: What is the main reason this page is up?

Blex: Well barb, this page is up for the people like me...who are on the net to get some free songs of their favorite bands!!! We all don't want to sit around IRC channels and wait and wait for the leech sites to be posted! We all want to download mp3s and get our songs right away! That's why this page is here! For the people to get their leech sites right away!

Barbara Walters: You get nothing at all for this site? You have no money making banners (thank you so much). Why is that Blex?

Blex: I don't need anything for this page, sure some money or some free donations would be nice, but just the satisfaction of helping people enjoy listening to their favorite music because of my site is enough for me.

Barbara Walters: Why mp3s? Why not warez or sites with links to naked chics?

Blex: I've always liked music, when a person listens to music something they get emotions and they are calm and happy. Surely there should be nothing wrong with listening to songs. The reason why there is no warez is because there is by far an over abundance of warez www pages out there that are all the same! One day I might add a 100% all working sites list to this page but that would take forever to do because warez sites do not last long at all.

Barbara Walters: You seem young! How old are you?

Blex: I am 18 years old, yes I'm too young for you Barb!!!

Barbara Walters: How much time does this page take to make? Don't you do other stuff?

Blex: Sometimes it even suprises me that after 4 months this page is still up. I currently work at the great town meeting hall (Mcdonalds), play baseball, goto college, and can still keep up my reputation in real life! This page probably is the main focus of the time I spend on the computer. I also get shareware (NOT WAREZ...NO NO!), play games (NOT PIRATED...NO!), and talk to the local's on the ISP.

Barbara Walters: Moving along now. You seem to dislike ratios, why?

Blex: Ratios are just completely stupid. Unless if you are on a t1 connection then they may be ok, but are still lame. But if your on a 28.8 you simply cannot run a server with a 28.8 modem it's just totally lame! Nobody's ever going to upload to a site at 1 k/bs unless they are so stupid and think that's what warez is.

Barbara Walters: How do you get all your working, 100%, no ratio, great, good, and excellent mp3 sites?

Blex: If I told the answer to that lamers across the country would copy my ideas and start forming pages exactly like mine, therefore that information is on a need to know basis and you don't need to know!!!

Barbara Walters: Funny you say that because people HAVE and are currently coping your site are they not?

Blex: I just would like to know what great glory a person must get when they save a person's webpage replace the word Blex with their name. Are the people just that low in creative ability that they must copy somebody elses site? As it is right now I post a site and the next day it's on like 50 other mp3 pages out there. Sometimes it's funny just to see it all starts here sometimes.

Barbara Walters: What are your views on IRC?

Blex: Well all the ops of every channel on the undernet are complete morons. First off they kick/ban me once because when I was an OP I would kick people with 1:3 ratios. It didn't take me that long to figure out that all IRC OPS is are the people who suck up suck up and suck up more and more just to get ops, and when they get ops they think "I'm such a big guy" and they kick all the people who are idiots. Most of the time they just kick/ban the people based on personal relationship and just to lift their spirits because they really have no life after spending another 12 constant hours in the house on the computer.

Barbara Walters: People call you a lamer? Why is that?

Blex: I sometimes wonder that, I'm here to give out sites for free, not to trade, not to get anything in return, but to give out sites! Sometimes I think the people that trade warez/mp3's are dumb...why trade when you can get stuff for free? I think that's pretty good not lame!

Barbara Walters: I hate you!! PRICK!

Blex: (Takes out a bowling ball and wacks Barbara Walters across the head with it).

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