Complaints, Compliments, and Lame Messages To Blex

Here are some comments I've received. I started this page on September 26th. I've had good mail dating back to June, so this page will only have some of the most recent comments. As of early November, I'm adding some lame email's to this page also. As of Late November I changed the name of this page to it's current name and removed the old name of "GoodMail". send this with the topic of "I love you", more great fan mail...

Hey blex... Ive been leeching from your site for about a month now and I am emailing you to tell you how fucking awesome you are. Keep up the good work. If you need any help with web stuff, graphics or whatever don't hesitate to ask....Keep it Real. sent me this about what he thought of fast food, rather an interesting read i think.

Hey Blex, here are some thoughts and comments about fastfood joints.

TacoBell: there food is okay I guess, but I stopped going because there was a rumor going around my town that the employees would scratch there nuts then they would make the food. Uh just imagine biting into a taco and pulling a pube out from your teeth

Pizza Hut: Those guys are just pricks! They make you wait around for an hour waiting for a table, while a whole room with empty tables are left open asking why we coulden't sit there, they say a party has reserved it and is scheduled to arrive in 3 fucking hours! 3 fucking hours oh yeah it'll take that long for us to eat.

Burger King: No real problem with Burger King, other than the fact those small fucking toddlers get in your way when your trying to play in the ball pit.........

SubWay: eww, last time I went in I swore the guy serving the food dind't have any of those plastic glove things your supposed to wear. And it looked like this kid had a cold to (I see a law suit somewhere here)

Mcdonalds: Well Mcdonalds is one of the best fast food places, but lately here in California they've been sucking big cock. They're trying to save money by making small cuts here and there. Like remeber when they had those little plastic paks for the ketchup? Now they reduced us to a thimble sized cup to fill with ketchup. Then you ask for extra napkins and the guy behind the counter stands there and counts out each napkin! Oh yeah, a few questions for you blex, is it really worth supersizing you extra value meal? Do you guys ever really use that second drive thru window?

Well I'm done for now, check out my webpage at (warning has animated graphics and java) send me this on 1/28 with the topic of FLEX'S PAGE.


I got this from on 1/30, another Tonez hater.

Heheheh. TOnez. Heheheh. TOnez SuX! Yer page RoX, Blex! Keep up the good work. It's very refreshing to see someone as dedicated as you are to this fine art. Oh, yea, and did I mention....TOnez sUx BonEz? L8R man, and thanx fer the mp3's! VerTigŘ send me this after i never posted a link to his "save norm mcdonald" page.

you are a real fucking lamer. I can't believe you posted that lame "click here for something interesting" link.

You fucker, you wouldn't post my Norm McDonald Link when I needed it, man are you ever a prick. sent me this 2/1/98, the mail speaks for itself.

Subject: Tap the Bottle and Twist the Cap

I am desperate to find theis song. Any help would be greatly appreciated.

More fan mail..this one is from

Hey man I think this page is THE best damn page I have ever been to. I love how you have sites with no freakin RATIOS because all I EVER get from other link sites is crap WITH ratios. I think that you SHOULD get the title of KING OF MP3 because you ARE! Well thats all the shit I gotta say for now. Laterz Steve

I found this one kinda interesting.

all you do is bitch...


Have u got the passwords to these mp3 sites. Andrew sent me this 1/21 in responce to some of my claims that burger king makes me get diarrhea a lot. I thought it was very funny!

and McDonald's meat doesn't? hehe...damnit I'm pissed I ditched my bitchass school today to go play quake2 on yale's oc-12 (noble reason) but they took the whole fucking thing apart to fix it that one day and the speed I got was worse than what I get on my modem here! so I went to burger king and ate meat and got diarrhea as a protest.

THEOORT sent me this on 1/21, shows we all know what lame is and where it hangs out.

I went into Zeraw on the undernet yesterday not believing it could be so lame......I wanted to speak with THe TOnez to give him a hard time about what a lamer he is. When i started asking where TOnez was this queer named madbiker(im assuming its TOnez gay lover in real life) started tellling me how coll TOnez was. I told this guy to shut the ffuck up and stop kissing ass with your buttpirating sub-op.....i said this..Which brought on an immediate ban which angered me because i couldnt get ditros from there anymore.

this is the conversation i had with madbiker (msg) window after i was banned...

<MadBiker> ...buh bye... join Blex in ban-hell.


<THEOORT> is he a great guy

<THEOORT> is he your lover...have i offended you?

<THEOORT> are you a faggot?

<MadBiker>i may be gay, but im not banned


I was so astonished that my suspicions were true and he was in fact gay that i vowed to myself never to go into that room again cause its run my a bunch of queer ops taht give each other head t okeep up there op status..There ya go youve heard my weekly shpleel. bye sent me this also on 1/15. Yet another piece of ART!!!

I am a long time fan but have never really said anything to you about it...i feel you are the one site i can still visit and have a laugh over and over again! Anyways, last night i finally made the discovery of 2 sites that had your mp3 links copied....and even word for word! I thought who is lame enough to steal this shit?!!?! Anyways, just thought i would let you know that you run a killer site. And don't worry, being on AOL, I've met some really gay prez's of warez groups and I think the oldest was 16 that i met and i wish that i had logged some of those conversations...the one thing that pisses me off BIG TIME on AOL is the 14 year old warez presidents...they are too immature and just plain too stupid cuz they think they are warez gods when they dont do shit but pass around someone else's uploads of warez claiming they uploaded it....alright I have said enough.....ABCya sent me this on 1/15, simply is ART!!!

Hi! I really wanted to send you this over ICQ, but I kinda get pissed off more that ICQ can possibly handle, so it's here in mail now...

I've visited you page today, and for some bizzare reason scrolled to the bottom to see number of visits. You might want to add '1' in front of counter real soon if for nothing else just to show lamers that counters on sites can actually overflow without manually adjusting hits, forcing reloads, having adult section, posting more banners than words of text, explaining that they are the greatest and only real site, having themselves registered at No.1 on at least 1000 top lists, trying to persuade people they have T3 (really they have 57flex or even 33.6 modems), trying to behave older than they are (it's like smoking at 12, just to prove, you're big boy now), stealing good design (not that tragical) and content (ultimately destructive), writing long flame and spam mails nobody really wants to read (OK, so I'm doing this too, but you probably won't hear from me for at least a year from now), running ratio sites, posting links to other sites that don't even exists or had they ever existed (very bad), posting links to sites that post links to sites that post links to sites that post links to sites that post links to sites that post links... (extremely annoying and utterly useless), and !

When I think of it. Some people are really selling what isn't theirs. RIAA or no RIAA, this is illegal! I see MP3 as borrowing before buying and storing 10 albums on one CD (more practical than playing DJ). On the other hand, all sites except your's lure people to links, that in turn bring them money. The content (MP3) is just used to lure more users to the site (who would want to go to and increase possibility of earning more money. Since MP3's aren't theirs, but are more like 'borrowed from artist', they are selling something that isn't theirs. RIAA has it's own interests here and is in turn again selling what isn't really it's belonging. If I wouldn't be cynic I'd probably already killed myself.

I MIGHT just found a great way of truly fighting them back. We have some old proverb here, that would (very roughly!) translate to "fight evil with it's own weapon". It's really trivial. Why send around 10000 hate letters. It just isn't worth spending your own time or moeny for being online and causing traffic. Simply take INet's no.1 enemy and use it against INet's no.2 enemy. If you really get pissed off by member of above mentioned speices, you just select three or four hand picked usenet areas (some alt.??? would be just fine). In each of them post is 2, they will blindly go at it and ruin the order of the universeeir again.

P.S.S. King of MP3??? (as seen on ICQ info), I thought Raz declared you to be The King of The Net! loyal lifelong visitor to the Good Page.

Dood, I've been visiting your page since early summer. I have e-mailed you before, (only a few days ago b/c my hard dirve crashed!), but I just wanted to say that your page rocks!!! Keep up the good work. It is a pleasure to read whatever you have to say (trips me up a lot of the time!). Cya! sent me this on 1/15, makes me feel good that we all know these kiddies on IRC are lame, as are ratios and trading.

Greets Blex,

Just wanted to take a moment and tell you Thanks!!! for your webpage...I have enjoy it each time I visit... I, like you, was very much into the "scene" I still am a trader..just not on the net...( CD burners are way kewl huh! ), I used to do the IRC just got too silly...too many has gone downhill the past 10 it is run by kids...( maybe I am jsut too damn old!!) anyways...keep up the good work....let the music flow..and the warez for that matter!!! thanks jackdeth

A few comments I get probably 10 times a day...

Sorry if this clutters your box, but coming from someone who lost their entire hard drive and is trying to start replacing about 300 MP3s, your page is the shit.

Deat Blex, This is the funniest page I have ever raed on the Net. I appreciate the advice. Keep your page up man - I'm going to be visiting a lot. Bye!!


Neat site! Was poking aroung a little and noticed you made mention of a "ratio" site and to avoid this type. What does this mean? Appreciate your input! M.Hill

Here are various comments from my guestbook that I noticed when I checked it out one on 1/6...

Blex, you are my guiding light in these troubled times.

You're the only website I check on a regular basis. Everybody else sucks. Keep up the good work. BLEX RULES!!

your page kicks. your a bloody legend!!!!!!! cya

I was just turned on to mp3s and I used Net Search - then some linx - then some more linx, and luckily, I found your www site! I haven't logged off yet!!!

You run the most kick ass site this side of the universe. I think I love you man. Keep it up.

where's the pretzels?

The BEST site ever. I visit all the time.

Why are there so many lame walnuts in the world?

Thanx for the links. Death to RIAA!!!

For the last hour I have been laughing my head off - thanx for making this page!! Few people like to see things as they really are.....keep 'em honest if u can! T

Browneye send me this mail on 1/3/98. Proves that my method of getting warez is also used by many all the time! Rip off for warez, goto Blex for mp3 = easy pirating!

hi im from australia and like u i know its pointless

trying to get people to give u warez, the only way i got my collection was telling people (other traders ) that i had a 10gig dual t3's with 0-days to trade and then id ask them "to go first with there site or i wouldnt trade "

can u tell me the address where i can go give that dickhead shit the undernet address please

thanks from browneye

Bobafett send me this email dealing with the lame IRC page. I got this on 1/3/98.

Yes, I must agree with you. There are too many stupid ops in the best channels out there. How stupid can one be. Change to NT 4 because you had the liquid nuker. Ha ha ha... That was really a good one.

People like TOnez don't have a life besides the computers. They just sit there forever and finally they get to be op which is their greatest achievement they ever had accomplished.

Not long ago I was banned on the #mp3 channel on the Effnet. I haven't done anything they just banned * which is one of the two biggest Internet providers in Sweden. First I tried to get someone in #mpeg3 to ask the ops in #mp3 to unban * but noone helped me. Instead I was told that they are not affiliated with the #mp3 channel. I now that! I was just asking for some help

When I went to the swedish mp3 channel #mp3-sweden someone helped me immediately. The answer he got why they have banned swipnet was only NO THEY ARE BANNED. Anyway what I mean is that some people and ops are not helpful at all. They are just there to shit you and if I say something wrong I get banned. I always try to help a fellow if he or she(mostly she) is in trouble or need help.

I'm tired of wasting time arguing with stupid assholes that calls me a lamer or gay. I work as a computer engineer and also have a Microsoft Certified System Engineer certification. Didn't mean to brag about it he he but If I wanted I could learn all about scripts bots and flooding and the irc language but that would be a waste of time just to payback on some asshole flooding you.

Anyway good page you have there. Keep it up and hang those lamers high he he.

A former mcdonalds employee sent this, makes me feel glad that I can be a funny guy (so i've heard) in real life, and on my mp3 page!

You know, i just read through your entire bunch of pages and stuff, I think it was the funniest stuff I have seen in a long time! I scooch around looking for mps, your right, its all the same. I can't never find anything I want, and I also don't usually bother with warez, its a waste. I guess I wanted to tell you to keep up the good work, and, I used to work at Mc D's too and I know its a tough job, but its a rite of passage. Please keep the page on !! Thanks for the funny, Christina

A person who wishes to remain anonymous sent me this email about the lame IRC page. Nothing is farther from the truth!

Blex, You don't know me. I was in #zeraw tonight and TOnez pasted your web page address in the channel for everyone to have a "laugh" at. I thought I'd take a look for myself. Point is: I agree with nearly ALL you have to say. It seems that the prerequisites for tolerated channel participation these days are -

1.) Must be under 17 years old

2.) Helps to be from Australia, New Zealand, etc...

3.) Have a limited vocabulary of Buzzwords i.e. fag, lamer which are used over and over for ANYTHING

4.) Must be able to kiss ass and flatter OP vanity at will

These punks RUN this channel and the OPS just let them. I don't particularly give a rat's ass for myself, as I seek no cheap thrills and need no artificial ego boosting. I do notice that no criticism is tolerated for anything. In fact, toleration (which should be the creed of warez channels) is only applied to those who shmoooze the most. Sad.

I don't have any idea what you and the Small One have in for each other and I have no personal axe to grind. Does any of it really matter? Probably not - but I just wanted you to know that you spoke for a few people who can't or won't speak for themselves. Take care.

Yet another loyal fan...sent by on january 3rd, 1998.

King of all Mp3,

First off I'd like to say, your site is the best straight up no bullshit mp3 page on the Net. No kinda lame pressure to click on some lame porn banner or some other shitty product or service. And i'd like to congraulate you helping spread the word on the b.s. Net-Act until your page i'd never even heard of that assbackwards act, now every person I know, knows about this bullshit and see's it for what it is, even my g/f who i bored the shit out of explaining it to her. As for your gut-bustin' stories about irc and sierra games, keep'em coming they're great. Finally, i think raz is right you should be king of the net, because you are already the King of all Mp3 so just keep doing what your doing and never lose that sense of humor of yours. send me this with the topic of "Long Live The King", it's only my hopes a member of the RIAA reads this...

Forget about being president of the net; that would imply a democracy. Unfortunately, most of the people shouldn't be allowed to vote nor should they have a say in any manners (that includes all the lamerz and government employees and RIAA associates).

I say go for King of the net. Just declare yourself King; since you'll be the first one to do it, you would automaticaly be crowned... That's how they claimed the Moon after all. Well if you won't declare yourself King of the net, then I'll do it for you: Supreme Commander Raz now Declares Blex "King of the Net." All shall refer to him as King Blex from now on.

Raz has spoken.

As for government control on what is available on sites, fuck'em. If people put a warning at the entrance of their site, where it says something like: "Warning, by clicking here you agree that you are not a law enforcing agent and that you are viewing my site for private purposes only." Besides, it can be debated that a site is private, like a home, and therefore the government would neeed a warrant to get into it.

HA HA HA To hell with them all.

And if they ever define an MP3 file as being illegal, we can just change the extension when we post them on the net...I love LOOPHOLES. So let the fools pass their laws, let them try to scare everyone. Just don't forget to laugh.

On another note, MP3s are probably the best thing to happen to the music industry. The way I see it, when an artist writes a song, he doesn't care about the money he makes from it; he just wants his song to be heard. He writes the song because music is his passion and he needs to express himself.

It's the money grubbing executives that market the music and render it commercial. Besides, the actual singers make very little money of the sales of albums compared to what all the execs make.

What MP3s will do (in the long term) is the following:

- They will allow anyone to have their song heard by millions of people. You won't need some commercial money inclided executive bastard to give you a record deal in order for people to be able to hear your song.

- Songs will reach a wider audience... people who liked a song but wouldnt buy it, would download it off the net. This can only imprive a band's popularity.

- Bands dont just make albums, they do concerts. Attendance at concerts will increase due to the popularity increase of bands that deserve it.

- There will be less commercial crap being produced.

- Artists will make more money and execs will make less. Serves them right.

Also, what could develop would be the following:

- Singers/ Bands could set up a fund-raising site on the net. For instance, they couyld offer their songs for free and ask for people to contribute whatever they want. I'm certain that people would want to support their favorite artists.

All this to say: ALL HAIL MP3s Well that's all for now. Raz.

This was sent by, it tells of a great way to fight the ratio war!!!

A good thing to do when you come across a crappy ratio site is(and I'm probably not the first to think of it), make a good 1 meg txt file that's just filled with "Ratio's Suck!" and rename it to a .MP3 file. You get what you want and they...well they don't get jack. It also uploads fast too since it's just text. sent me this email on December 20th, it's good to see other sides of the story like this one says.

Blex, I was reading through your "The Lameness of Top 50 Sites" page and even though you back up some of your ideas, most are just un-thoughtout opinions. First off, I do not have a "Top 50 sites" image on my page, but understand that the reason they exist is so people can find the better sites, rather than sorting though thousands of shitty sites. As far as the rating systems go on the Top 50 pages, the people that run them are usually doing their best, and constantly have to update their pages while people are bitching at them because their page isn't number one. You said yourself that "Mp3 pages on the www should be up to benefit it's visitors, not to sit in competition with other sites", yet you complain several times that 'lame' pages were ahead of you. Some Top 50 maintainers don't know what they are doing, and are just someone trying to get popular, not knowing the right way to do it.

I think that providing people with what they came for is great, but some webmasters are also trying to make money off of their page. This is not lame, if people appreciate the site, then they can help out the webmaster by earning him some money. Making money and getting tons of hits may not be important to you (not sure why you have a counter on your page), but I have made over $50 in one month with Netradio, my sponser. I did not " make innocent net surfers click on the money making banners" as you mentioned, the choice is completly up to the visitor whether or not to click on the banner. Also, when people click on your sponser, you have a reason to keep updating it and it almost becomes a second (or first) job for some people.

Even though I prefer ratio-free sites, ftps that do have ratios aren't lame. Almost always, sites that have ratios have many more files/songs, which if you don't mind waiting 10 minutes for an upload, you'll have a much better chance of finding what your looking for.

I'm not sure if I totally understood your opinion on the age of some webmasters or not, but you said that they are inexperienced with computers. I am also fifteen and have made, in my opinion, a very successful page that has had over 300,000 hits and delivers people with the information they need.

If you would like to put this mail anywhere on your page, that's fine with me. I would like to hear if people agree with my point of view.

S|ider sent this on Dec. 10th, great to hear from the visitors that have been here since day 1 when my page went up! This was my pages goal in a way.

Blex, First I want to complement you on your EXCELLENT site. I have been visiting for several months now, and I have to say that your site is on a whole different level from those shitty poser wannabe mp3 sites. When I want guaranteed mp3 links, I don't mess around with wackass top 50 sites... I GO TO BLEX!!!!! I'm glad you took the highroad and stayed away from theat mess. People who know mp3 know how to find Blex.

Keep up the good work. Brad sent me this on Dec 10th, makes me feel kinda happy.

Blex, muh man, you RULE! YEAH! I won't demean you by calling you the King Leech, but I think what you do for all the people out there who aren't trying to be hard-assed, or "cool", but just want some good music to groove to while surfin' the net or whatever, is GOD-DAMMED GREAT! You definitely are sittin' on a goldmine of respect 'n support, muh man. Remember that if you're ever in trouble, that about a billion people on the net every day read that thingie at the top of your page and respond to it. Now, if you had a great idea (i.e. world domination through great free music), all you'd have to do is put it up there. Bottom line is, good work. Thanx.

Sincerely, Jon

Another excellent email that makes me feel proud the run this page, sent this on dec 8th.

1st off thou... Blex.. you are da MAN!!! Thank you so much for saving me from the wash of crappy ass.. shut down... wanna be MP3 sites... You are the raw essense of what the web and warez should be...By your stregth and the stregth of those like you shall we beat back the lil' asslickers that now rule the web...Don't ever give up on us bro... your one of the guiding forces for good and the little guy on the web...

2nd on the list.. blasting those lil prepurb dick heads back up their moms *EDITED* is something that needs to be done... If we don't take a stand warez and mp3 on the net will be dead.. and I don't know about you...but MicroSuck can kiss my ass...

if Windows95 was programmed better it would be the worlds most powerful virus... I mean it hogs system resorces... loads up your hdd with all kinda shit.. and crashes your system at random...I say to any MicroSuckups... get a real operate'n system... not a cheap MicroFuckuped peice of shit...

So.. in close'n...You are the top god in the Pantheon of the Web... may leech sites rule the whole web.. and may MicroSucks stocks take a dive as deep as their crappy sent me this, i like burger king also, but i always get diareaha from their food, i think it's just a bad joint in my town that makes me get diareaha.

you rock but i like burger king send me this december 5th, it is by far one of the best emails i've ever gotten in my life.

Blex -- I have just two things to say.

One -- Your site kicks ass. No other phrase can describe it so accurately and eloquently. If it weren't for your site, I would only have mp3 that my roommate and I made ourselves. With your site, we are able to expand our mp3 horizons beyond that of the Lamer and become Good, somewhere on a level slightly below, but near, that of your status as mp3 Demi-God. I think that you should have a personal account to ALL real mp3 sites. Certainly all real mp3 site owners recognize your sheer genius.

Two -- No matter your frustration, no matter your anger at Lamers, don't ever take your site down. Can your conscience really handle the knowledge that by doing so, you would personally be responsible for a rise in the murder and suicide rate in the US? I ask because I know that if your site wasn't up, I am fairly sure that after several hours of paging through Lamers' sites (and hoping against common sense that the fact they are all the same is coincidence), I would go on a killing spree in my dorm room and then kill myself due to insanity, rage, frustration, and a complete, unabiding cynicysm about the world. I mean, if we can't even spit in the Man's face by making music free across the internet, what is the United States coming to? Shit in a handbasket, if you ask me.

Thank you for restoring my faith in the American Ideal that even college students can spit in the face of the Man. Forget Charles Barkley, Michael Jordan -- you are the one who shows me that life is good and true, at least some of the time.

Jim Turnage, freshman, UF sent this, i thought it was kinda funny.

Blex, This is the sweetest fucking lynx page to date, man! I'm so fucking sick of these carcass mp3 lynx on every shitty-ass warez page known to man. You click the motherfucker and the shit's old and dead as a dog. Hilarious posts, too, man. You had me rollin'. Keep up the fresh, working lynx! Late. Snutz sent this in regards to the top 50 things, I could not agree more!!!

Hello Blex, You're absolutely right in ditching those top 50 sites...your page is obviously the best 'cause it's been around for ages...and you've built up a reputation....not like those other fly-by-night.. ."here today gone tommorrow".. pages of shit....I've seen some pages where your good name is dragged in the mud, but i think it's just sour grapes 'cause they can't handle the success of your page..anyway i just wanted to show my appreciation..i've built up quite a collection thanks to you..thanks regards Marshall signed the guestbook on 11/27, this makes me feel successful.

I am sick of shit.....All the Non-Pubergenic 12 yr olds making ratio sites, cuz they buy the "popular" cd's, rip em, and think that they can give a 1:1.2 ratio.....I remember when then net used to be FREE Warez/mp3's. BUt now that these kids are prancing around like they own the place, it has gone straight to fucking hell...There is only 2 reasons i go online now. 1)THIS HOME PAGE.....It fucking rocks. 2) for the sites I get off this homepage. Other thain that, there is nothing worth of value anymore...I am also sick of these KIDS saying that they have T1+ connections, when in reality all they have is a 56k modem on a 33.6 ISP thinking they are at 56k and that NOONE would notice....did i also mention the shitty ratios?? THANKS for breathing somelife into the net. With out this page of good mp3's my life would have no meaning :) Nicotine_

It's comments like this that boost my self confidence and make me feel good.

Blex, did you know that you freaking RULE?! You are the man, I could only wish that some day you would rule over the internet, to do away with all the lameness that you so eloquently point out. Keep it up man, you run a great site! Thanks Blex!! sent me this nov 20th, as if I have the songs, as if I'm gonna upload them, as if I have any mp3s on my site, as if I do requests, as if he acctually think i'm going to magically upload them to his 28.8 site, as if his site would be working when I wasn't. By far, one of the lamest request emails i have ever seen in my life.

Yo man Blex your ip is

please upload 2 mp3's from you site to me please if possible. I whould like Supa Dupa Fly & Krs-1 Raptures Delight.


Typical lamer...

Your site sucks, No good songs! Get some garbage,Robert miles, or dance songs!!!!!!!!!!!! AND THAAAATTSS AND ORDER sent me this, yes I do memorize every mp3 on every site, doesn't everybody memorize every mp3 on everysite?

Hello , I was wondering if u know any place that have *working* links to following songs :

Counting Crows - Mr Jones, Aqua - Doctor Jones, E-Type - Set the world on fire, and E-Type - Fight it back sent me this, kinda gets to the point about money making banners lameness

I have another reason that money banners are stupid: You are trying to get people to come to your site and look at the content, yet as soon as they get to your site, you ask them to leave and look somewhere else. sent me this regarding the page of lame shit, everybody knows it, yet nothing is done about it

I just wanted to tell you that I randomly decided to check out your page of lameness for no good reason and I thought it was fucking funny as hell, and not only that, but it somehow gave me some emotional satisfaction to know that I'm not the only one who thinks the warez scene has gone to shit. send me this. Isn't this what my page is?

Hallo, I´m a student from Sweden and i would like you to send me some working leech to mp3 sites. Thanks Kalle Bebop

I got sent this by, Much thanks to this guy is expressed.

Blex, you are the single most important and influential person in the entire mp3 world. Your work alone determines where hundreds upon thousands of music seekers will go to find the mp3s they want. I'm sure I speak for all of us when I say that your hours of work on Blex's Page of Good Mp3 provides us with the neccesary information needed to seek out and leech the songs we want, when we want them. I personally just wanted to thank you straight forward for your outstanding contribution to the entire computer audio community. I want to congratulate you on the success your page has had, and to thank you for deciding to keep it running amidst the multitude and general lameness of weak mp3 sites.

Thank you again for not only providing us mp3 seekers with a reliable resource for our wants and needs, as well as personally aiding me in my own mp3 collection.

Some guy with a big email address sent me this, makes me feel kinda special...I wasn't by the way.

After reading your commentary on Lamer's and the world in general I have come to one conclusion. You must have been abused as a child. sent me this on 10/28/97, this is one of the best messages i have ever received.

Hey Blex; Just wanted to tell you that your Page has restored my faith in MP3z. I had come within a hairsbreadth of completely giving up on Warez and Mp3z, after spending like three days fighting my way through a slew of fucking lame-ass fake sites, which supposedly had "direct downloads" but in fact were nothing but links to pages that had been dead for months (or maybe years). Then, totally by chance, i stumbled onto your Site of Good MP3s...

Every single godamn link worked! I couldn't believe it! Real, no ratio (i hate fucking ratios) leech sites loaded with good Mp3s. Most were even fairly fast (i am on a LAN with 3 T3s and 6 T1s, so i am fast as shit)!

Thank you for maintaining such an excellent site! You are truly an example of what warez and mp3z are supposed to stand for, unlike all those goddamn lamer sites that are clogging our precious Internet...

Keep up the good work! sent this message dealing with lamers and ratios, it is just a piece of art!!!

Blex:Ratios suck. Need I say more? I think that anybody who supports ratios, should mail me so I can bomb their lamer ass. Anyone thinking that ratios will better or somehow improve the warez and mp3 'society', or whatever, can go to CVS and purchase a life. If they cannot afford a life, then they should go to a tattoo parlor, and have "FUCKING LAMER" tattooed on their stinking lamer forehead so REAL warez and mp3 supporters can pop a cap in their ass as they pass them on the street. Good work, Blex, you are the REAL force behind mp3z, warez, and the whole Internet-based-free-stuff-society. What would mp3z and warez be if they weren't free? Warez and mp3 webmasters UNITE against FUCKING LAMERS!!!! sent me this dealing with ratio sites.

I used to use a site that had ratios on it because it had tracks I wanted and couldn't get anywhere else, but then I got fucked off with uploading shit to get what I want cuz my bastard telecommunications company I'm connected with charge by the minute so I uploaded blank files which takes a real short time to upload so I could get my mp3s and now the lame fucking site op went and banned the whole of my ISP and my ISP uses static accounts the fucker that banned me is: port 1701.

In my opinion ratio site runners like to be kiss each others butts cuz they think they're so fucking cool that they got the best tracks and DEMAND that you gotta upload decent shit to them, well FUCK THEM, may the Blex site live forever to allow us leech leech leech and avoid fucking ratios cuz all they ever do is fuck you in the end. sent me this with the topic "you made my night".

Man I thought I was gonna be bored tonite doing my usual aimless web browsing. I went through my different links, the usual software updates and crap. I thought i'd just drop in and see what I've been missin on your page. I like the setup with the Lame shit page haha. Oh yeh I visited that ultraboi's page and it seems he's fixed up his site, it now loox even crappier. He has a direct downloads page but he might as well delete it , the dum fuck, yu expect to get yu know.... DIRECT DOWNLOADS, usually entailing he has some on his own site, but does he??. NO!!! he links to another site in which it loox liek the site has been deleted. You think these d0rks would know whutta 0-day site was.....ughh I'm sure glad you dont have direct downloads, thsats just askin to get yer ass kicked by some site admin, I think I speak for a lot of other people when I say yer site juss kix ass!!!!! keep up the funny shit, I enjoy reading this stuff. I think a wave audio page has the same kinda setup witht he lamne shit stuff, it's just as hillarious!!! You've made my night :D :D :D José AKA CoBEn sent me this September 25th. Nothing could be closer to the truth.

sounds like your getting just about as pissed as I am at all this lame shit. it's so fucking annoying. I am of the opinion that these pre-teen kids should have been shot, or at least, as a service to the rest of us, not been taught how to speak. As a solution, I propose some kind of active electro-shock therapy. so when some fucking loser tries to say. "I'M EREET D00D. MY 300 BAUD MP3 SITE WITH ABBA ON IT R00LS. THERE IS A 90:1 BYTE RATIO. UPLOAD ANYTHING GOOD AND YOU GET BANNED. i'M WATCHING (which, as we know, means they have NO FUCKING LIFE)", they would just be killed from the shock. It's a sad day in this world when I can't go into an mp3 channel, and not be flooded by 65 on-joins saying "VISIT MY WEB PAGE AT HTTP://REALLY.SLOW.ISP/~SOMELAMEHANDLE#65 WE ALL KNOW YOU CARE ABOUT ME, SINCE I'M GOD", and "I have an ftp site on my 28.8 modem". To which my script auto responds "congratulations. maybe you should try moving on to something harder, like a real ftp site, or maybe, if your daring, a hobby, and then if you really want to live on the bleeding edge, a life." signed this in the guestbook. It is an excellent piece of writing.

Comments: Blex, This page is not only the best mp3 page i've ever been on (best by ALOT), but it's also in my top 3 pages i've EVER surfed on. All the info on these faggot cock smoking fuckin pre teens, is so fuckin true. I wish the internet was more interactive, cause the next time i surfed onto a page that is a copied html with a fuckin netradio logo, i'd love to beat the living shit out of the fuckin hoser 12 year old who did the shit. And the top 50 mp3 does suck, i was on it once and that's all it takes so see how mother fuckin lame it is. Is it too much to fuckin ask for than one honest person to set up a fuckin mp3 site WITHOUT fuckin ratios, WITHOUT copying html's, or WITHOUT having to kiss another fuckin ops ass on irc (though i don't go on irc , but that's one of the main fuckin reasons) Irc is a surfacing ground for all the fuckin maggots of the world to compare notes on how to fuck each other up the ass. It's ashame for the 5% of the irc that actually knows that the fuck they're talking about. Well, good luck with your page, and i hope the fuckin loser 12 year olds out have there computers blow up in front of there faces! Ciao, Matt

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