How To Fix Bad Mp3 Files

Here is how to fix bad mp3 files and files that start to load like text files when using Netscape. This also fixes the gargled up sounding mp3 files that you have. This program must be run though DOS, you CANNOT click on this program for it to run. Also note: I DID NOT make this program! If you are not smart enough to goto dos and run this program then simply fool around with it until it works, if you email me asking me questions like "My hero blex, I can't understand your simple directions and am totally braindead to use uncook" I will NOT answer!!! It's not that hard!!!

How many times does it happen? You click a link to an mp3 file while using Netscape, and before you know it the mp3 file starts loading itself like a text file in Netscape. Either that, or you shift+click on a mp3 file then put save to disk. You goto play it after it downloads, and in no time you are disappointed that it sounds like plain screwed up shit, like you are under water, or you are listening to the lead singer of Type O Negative gargleing on a glass of kool-aid!!! Well with this new fix program that Blex has found out there on the net, I will guide you though fixing this irritating problem!!!

Note: If you use Internet Explorer (unfortunately) then feel free to leave. With IE this little problem does not happen.

Another Note: I did NOT make this fix file. I found this fix method off of another mp3 page out there. I apologize, I cannot remember what one.

How To Fix Bad Mp3 Files

1st: Download the file uncook.exe. I actually still have the file saved! I think people don't need it anymore seeing it's 2015 as I type this !!! This is only 9k and is the program that fixes the bad mp3 files

2nd: Find a screwed up mp3 that you have, or if you don't have one find one from the direct download's section of Blex's Page of Good Mp3. Be sure to shift+click on the file you want to download.

3rd: Find uncook.exe on your hard drive and put it in the same directory as the mp3 file you are going to fix.

4th: To fix the file type uncook (name of the file you are fixing) (space) (name of the working mp3 file you are going to make). example: uncook song.mp3 goodsong.mp3

5th: Launch up your mp3 player and play the new mp3 file that uncook.exe has made. You should now have a clear sounding mp3 file.

6th: Enjoy your mp3 file thanks to Blex and the guy who made uncook.exe. If the programmer of this reads this mail me immediatly (it's been 18 years now, I'm still waiting).

a counter was here have sought Blex's wisdom on how to fix bad mp3 files.

If you want to post this fix on your webpage link directly to this page, and it's simple step-by-step guide on how to fix them.