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This page is up so people can stop searching all over the internet to find FTP and WWW sites with their favorite songs on and end up finding dead links and dead sites. The author of this site takes no responsibility for what you find here. There is nothing illegal here, just links to places where illegal stuff is (there is no illegal content directly on my site). I made this site just to have something to do, download at your own risk. You all should know this disclaimer by now, it's on every page like this out there. If you question weather Mp3s have hurt music companies, Mp3s have acctually helped the music companies instead. So far I have purchased about 10 new cd's since I've ran this page, and most people who get Mp3s have also gotten CD's after listening to the Mp3 format first. Thus Mp3s play a great role in helping the recording industries. Mp3s should not be considered illegal!!!

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