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Decades Later: Reflections

Here is the MP3 page almost exactly as it looked on 2/16/1998 shortly after the infamous Black February incident. I have removed a few images that contained links to sites that no longer exist. I also updated the links to send me an email to my current email address instead of now non-existent address.

The other images are very nostalgic to the late '90s! Lots of images were also given to me by other people as a thank you gift for running the page. Some of them I don't know why I put up other than to just return my thanks. For instance, the graphic at the very bottom is completely irrelevant to my beliefs and the nature of the page.

I, of course, no longer use ICQ and for the life of me can't remember my password so if you still actually use it you may want to get with the times.

Can you believe that big macs were once 2 for $2 back in 1998? Damn!!!

My modern day thoughts spanning this page and all linked pages are expressed in white italicized text.

Blex's Page of Good Mp3

The remains of the best mp3 page ever made.

Ever since this page's sites were removed nearly 10,000 people daily have been running around on the net like chickens with their heads cut off searching for leech sites. I decided to check out some other pages today, and all I found were nearly a million money making banners mixed in with shitty cyberthrill casino banners, clearly an example of lameness. I currently have no plans to make another list, so mp3s are as good as a lost breed in the world. I figured that this page would change IRC a bit, but all that is still posted in all the major channels are ratio sites and xxx ads...yet braindead ops do nothing to combat this but let them be posted. The net is gone to hell and back, this page was the remaining page on the net for 100% working sites with no bullshit and it's gone. Life's a bitch, goto Mcdonalds and buy 2 big macs for 2 dollars...Have a nice day.


Read direct from Jim Griffin of Geffen Records what he says about this mp3 world and site ops.

Read this lame disclaimer before you continue to view this page.

For a short time only. The next 15 people to Sign The GuestBook will receive a totally loaded leech site!!!

Support my clause to free the world of ratio FTP sites. Visit the ratio hater page and help support the clause. RATIO SITES ARE NEVER POSTED ON THIS PAGE!!!

Visit Blex's Page of Lame Shit for what is wrong with warez today, and some other detailed lame experiences I have had. I'll find and link to it eventually.

For the Sierra Football Pro '98 Hater/Bugs's here. I'll find this too and link to it eventually.

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Check out the Mp3 Manifesto to see find out what Mp3s are and why some say they are illegal.

Link to this page, use one of my banners. - Updated 1/29/98

It was here, on 2/16/1998, that over 10,000 people a day (the modern day equivalent of around 10 (give or take a few) clicked and found the greatest list of all working 100% leech FTP sites to download their Mp3s.

Sites are removed, due to the fact that Jim Griffin from Geffen records was and probably still is taking down the sites listed one by one, until they are all removed.

Page made and maintained by Blex and only Blex. Irc name "Blex"

You can reach me at 1851801 on ICQ. However, I might not reply because I get like lots of messages on it.

Any e-mail sent to me asking me how to take the login and password out of mp3 sites, asking me to add 28.8 ftp sites, asking me to add ratio sites, asking me to give them an mp3 they are looking for, asking if I know a site with an mp3 they are looking for, and any other email that clutters up my mail box with shit will not be responded too. Have a nice day.

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